Emergency appointments are normally used to cover a peak workload period, an extended absence, or a vacant position during the recruitment process. These appointments can be intermittent, full time, or part time. The use of emergency hires cannot substitute for thoughtful workforce planning.

Each bargaining unit has specific requirements pertaining to the maximum length of emergency/short term appointments (see table below)

Bargaining Unit  Maximum duration of emergency appointment  Contract Reference
2,5,7,9 (CSUEU) 180 days Article 9.9
4 (APC) 120 days Article 2.10
6 (Teamsters) 180 days  Article 2.12

Casual Worker

Casual Workers are hired on a part-time, temporary, and intermittent basis to perform non-bargaining unit work that meets the “non-exempt” criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). They are paid on an hourly basis and are not eligible for benefits, sick leave, vacation leave or shift differential. Incumbents are not eligible to earn permanent status.

Updated: December 04, 2023