Non-Faculty Special Consultant

Individuals appointed to the Special Consultant classification are employees of the California State University, and as such, are required to complete appropriate employment paperwork.

special consultants

A Special Consultant performs special assignments of a temporary nature, based on a particular knowledge, ability or expertise. This classification should be used for work that meets the “exempt” criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is not to be used for non-exempt work. Incumbents in this classification are paid on a daily rate, regardless of how many hours worked in a day.  Current non-exempt Stanislaus State employees cannot have an additional Special Consultant appointment.

To initiate an appointment/reappointment of a Special Consultant, please go through CHRS Recruiting.

Please note: If the Special Consultant is currently a faculty member of Stanislaus State, please follow  Faculty Affairs' prodecures.  All other individuals, including those who are currently a faculty member at another CSU campus, must sibmit through CHRS Recruiting for special consultant appointments.  

For payment, once a Special Consultant appointment is active, please complete the Special Consultant Payment Request.


Payment Request Form


Special Consultant

Can be a current Stanislaus State or CSU employee. Can also not be a current Stanislaus State employee, but does not meet criteria for Independent Contractor. No other appropriate classification exists in the CSU system. Work is of a temporary nature (not to exceed one year). Meets the “exempt” criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is not to perform non-exempt work. Will not act as coordinator of an on-going or recurring academic or academic-related program (e.g. with Program Coordinator in working title). Such coordinators should be placed in an appropriate CSU classification.

Independent Contractor

Cannot be currently appointed to a temporary, probationary, or permanent university-funded or reimbursed position within the CSU system. Is engaged in the pursuit of an independent trade, business, or profession in which these same services are offered to the public (business license number, taxpayer I.D.). The services contracted are not available within Stanislaus State, cannot be performed by Stanislaus State employee, or are of such a specialized or technical nature that the knowledge, experience or ability are not available through the normal staffing process. University does not exercise control over details of the services to be performed (methods, hours worked). Supplies, work area, benefits, and personal liability insurance are not furnished by the University. Contact Financial Services with questions (209) 667-3077

Guest Lecturer

Cannot be a current CSU employee. Not the instructor of record. Speaks to a class because of his/her expertise for a fee. Comes to campus to provide the service. Limited time (usually less than one week). Limited dollar amount (usually $5,000 or less). Contact Financial Services with questions (209) 667-3077


Cannot be a current CSU employee. Special, non-recurring activity. Fee not legally or traditionally required. Not in-lieu of regular wages. Intent is to show good-will and appreciation. Award for special achievement or short-term activity where no specific deliverable or specific result is requested or expected. Contact Financial Services with questions (209) 667-3077

CSU Additional Employment Policy

The California State University (CSU) Additional Employment Policy establishes reasonable limits on the total amount of employment an individual may have within the CSU system.

Additional Employment refers to any CSU employment that is in addition to the employee’s primary appointment. Additional employment limitations are based on time-base, not salary. A maximum of 125% time-base is allowed under certain circumstances. The salary rate for additional employment may be the same as the rate for the primary appointment; however, a different salary rate is permitted if appropriate for the work performed and if allowed by the funding source. When determining the 125% additional employment under the CSU Additional Employment Policy, all CSU employment and all outside CSU foundation and other CSU auxiliary employment are considered together.


Contact Areli Ortiz (x6774)