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For Parking Refunds, please contact the University Police Department at 209-667-3114 or email

Parking permits available for purchase

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Parking Fundamentals

  • Parking permit decals on vehicles must be displayed on the inside, lower-left corner of the windshield adhered to the glass face up or displayed on a clear mirror hanger.
  • Parking permit decals on motorcycles must be displayed on the outside of the front fork.
  • Permits must always be displayed and clearly visible on the vehicle's dash.

Buying a Permit

  • Parking permit decals for students, Faculty and Staff are available online at MyCampusPermit.
  • Daily permits are available near campus entrances, cost is $6 per day.
  • 1-hour parking is available in Lot 1 near the Library (around University Circle).
  • Motorcycle permits are available at a reduced rate online at MyCampusPermit.

Disabled Parking

  • To use a disabled parking space (or to park in a metered space), a valid Stanislaus State parking permit, as well as a valid DMV Placard or Disabled plate, must be displayed (CCR Title 5, Division 5, Article 7, 42200 & Ed. Code 67301a). 
  • Enforced 24/7, year-round
  • Disabled parking map

Year-Round Enforcement

  • Parking permits are enforced in all lots 7 a.m. -10 p.m., M-F, including non-instruction days (e.g. spring break). Permits do not exempt vehicles from paying parking meter fees, unless displayed with a valid DMV issued disabled placard or plate.
  • Student semester and daily permits are valid in employee parking areas after 4 p.m. and in areas marked with bright, yellow reserved signs after 5 p.m.
  • The following areas are enforced 24/7 year-round: Disabled stalls, red curbs, fire lanes, time-limit spaces, service/maintenance stalls, white and yellow curbs and meter parking.
  • Service vehicle spaces must be available to ambulance, fire, police, maintenance and other service vehicles.  Vehicles parked over 20 minutes in service vehicle-only spaces may receive a parking ticket.

Parking Tickets

  • Don’t delay!  You have 21 days from the date the ticket was issued to dispute or pay the original fine amount. Visit to pay or dispute. 
  • All disputes are processed through the online process.  To pay in person, visit UPD M-F during campus business hours.


Parking and Traffic Ordinances (PTO's) - Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking tickets are subject to impound per California Vehicle Code 22651.

  • PTO-1: No parking permit displayed - $33.00
  • PTO-2: Fictitious or forged permit - $121.00
  • PTO-3: Permit not displayed properly - $28.00
  • PTO-4: Misuse of parking permit - $41.00
  • PTO-5: Parked in wrong area - $28.00
  • PTO-6: Expired meter - $33.00
  • PTO-7: Parked in restricted area - $28.00
  • PTO-8: Not parked in designated space - $28.00
  • PTO-9: Failure to obey lawful order - $53.00
  • PTO-10: Parked in posted reserved - $60.00
  • PTO-11: Driving in restricted area - $39.00
  • PTO-12: Parked overnight w/o permission - $28.00
  • PTO-14: Subsection bicycle violation - $28.00
  • PTO-15: Failure to obey sign - $43.00
  • PTO 16: Defacing sign - $73.00
  • PTO-18: Use of lost or stolen decal - $121.00

Parking on Campus

We are committed to protecting the rights of those who have paid to park. The California Code of Regulations (CCR) 42201 allows permission to park on a CSU Campus only to persons that have paid a parking fee and display evidence (a permit) that they have paid. Campuses are held accountable to these parking requirements through audits conducted by the CSU. Our objective is to provide the highest quality of customer service and responsive systems that ensure fiscal integrity and compliance.

You will no longer need to wait in line at the cashier's office to purchase your parking permit. Please read the following information to assist you with the new streamlined process.

To purchase a parking permit, please visit our website at Students, staff, and faculty will log in using their campus ID and password. You will need to be prepared to enter your credit card information, vehicle license plate, and the address you would like your parking permit mailed to. Once you have purchased your permit, you will need to print your temporary parking permit and place it on your vehicle's dashboard. This permit will be good for 10 days, which should allow enough time for you to receive your parking permit in the mail and place the permanent permit on your vehicle. If you have any questions or have not received your permanent parking permit within 7-10 days, please contact the University Police Department at 209-667-3114.

Permits are not transferable from person to person. Under no circumstance may you sell, exchange, or give your permit to someone else. Inappropriate use may result in the confiscation of the decal. If a permit is not returned by the authorized permit holder, the vehicle which has the unauthorized permit may be cited.

Parking is at your own risk. The University is not responsible for loss of, or damages to, any vehicle or its contents.

Assembly Bill 503

Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code and the California State University Systemwide policy, payment plans for multiple citations or individual citations totaling $200 or more are available. Application Parking Citation Payment Plan Information.pdf