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Emergency Information

Do you know what to do in an emergency? Explore and find free online active shooter training, evacuation plans, what do during a crime in progress and much more. Visit Emergency site

Campus Safety Plan

Relevant safety information for the campus community. View Plan


Learn about the campus emergency notification system and update you contact information.
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Title IX

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See active AMBER alerts and learn more about the new Wireless Emergency Alert program.

Legal Updates

In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 707, which amends California Penal Code section 626.9 and deletes the exception that allows a person holding a license to carry a concealed firearm on a college campus. Under the new law, private citizens with concealed weapons permits are no longer allowed to carry a firearm on campus. There are exemptions to this law. View Legal Updates

Law Agency Resources

The following list of external links is provided to get citizens to additional information and services quickly.
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