Staff & Faculty Parking

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  • Visitors are not exempt from paying a parking fee.
  • Do not park in Faculty/Staff areas with a daily permit until after 4pm.
  • Do not park in Faculty/Staff Reserved areas (bright yellow sign) with a daily permit until after 5pm.
  • Vendors with large delivery vehicles, contact the police department at (209)667-3114.
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Buying a Permit

  • Permits and clear hangers are available for purchase at MyCampusPermit.
  • Current Annual permit holders who are participating in payroll deduction must provide a shipping address for their annual parking permit by logging into MyCampusPermit.
  • New employees who qualify for payroll deduction (must be a 12 month employee) must authorize the deduction at the University Police Department.
  • Reserved parking permits are available to full time VP’s and Dean’s at the discretion of the President.
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Cancelling Automatic Payroll Deduction

If you choose to cancel automatic payroll deduction for parking, please consider the following:

  • Parking deductions occur one month in advance (i.e. May deduction pays for June parking).
  • Report to University Police Department and complete the Notice to the State Controller of Payroll Deduction Authorization, Form CD88, indicate the month and year your deduction will end and that you want to delete your parking payroll deduction. Submit the completed form to University Police Department before the first of the month, you want your parking deduction to end.
  • Relinquish your parking permit to University Police Department (attach it to Form CD88).
  • University Police Department will forward the completed form to Payroll to cancel your automatic deduction.
  • Any parking refund, will be sent to you.
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University Visitors

  • All visitors, volunteers and vendors, a Guest Parking Request must be submitted no later than two days prior to their visit. Hosting department must submit request.
  • Areas marked as reserved are not for visitors.
  • "30-Minute” designated parking spaces are available in:
    • Lot 11 near MSR (campus administrative building)
    • Lot 8 near the Arena
    • Lot 2 near the Art and Theatre buildings
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Event Services

  • Request a parking area for an event via the Master Calendar, R25. 
    • Event parking is not automatically exempt from payment.
  • Parking Services:

Updated: December 06, 2022