Students & Parents Parking

Parking Fundamentals

  • Parking Guidelines
  • Winter 2015 Parking Permits, valid 12/24/2015 – 2/1/2016
  • Spring 2015 Parking Permits, valid 1/19/2016 – 6/8/2016
  • Parking permits must be displayed on the inside, lower left corner of the windshield adhered to the glass face up or displayed on a clear mirror hanger available at Cashier Services. Motorcycle permits must be displayed on the outside of the front fork.
  • Training: To request an overview on parking, call 667-3114.
  • Do not park in Faculty/Staff areas with a student or daily permit until after 4pm.
  • If you forgot your permit or it is in a different vehicle, purchase a daily permit from a daily permit dispenser.

Buying a Permit

  • Parking permit costs
  • Semester permits are available for purchase at Cashier Services.
  • Daily permits are available near campus entrances for $6 (have cash/change available).  View map for daily permit dispenser locations.
  • Motorcycle permits are available at a reduced rate at Cashier Services.  View map for designated motorcycle parking locations.

University Visitors

  • Visitors are not automatically exempt from paying a parking fee. 
  • Approved parking exemptions are outlined on our Guest Parking Request.
  • 1-hour metered parking available in Lot 1 near the Library (around University Circle).
  • Free, temporary (time-limit) parking spaces are available in:
    • Lot 11 near MSR (campus administrative building)
    • Lot 8 near the Arena
    • Lot 2 near the Art and Theatre buildings

Disabled Parking

  • To use a disabled parking space (or to park in a metered space), a valid CSU Stanislaus parking permit as well as a valid DMV Placard or Disabled plate must be displayed (CCR Title 5, Division 5, Article 7, 42200 & Ed. Code 67301a). 
  • Enforced 24/7, year-round
  • Disabled parking map

Year-Round Enforcement

  • Parking permits are enforced in all lots 7AM-10PM, M-F, including non-instruction days (e.g. spring break). Permits do not exempt vehicles from paying parking meter fees, unless displayed with a valid DMV issued disabled placard or plate.
  • Student semester and daily permits are valid in employee parking areas after 4 p.m. and in areas marked with bright, yellow reserved signs after 5 p.m.
  • The following areas are enforced 24/7 year-round:  Disabled stalls, red curbs, fire lanes, time-limit spaces, service/maintenance stalls, white and yellow curbs and meter parking.
  • Service vehicle spaces must be available to ambulance, fire, police, maintenance and other service vehicles.  Vehicles parked over 20 minutes in service vehicle only spaces may receive a parking ticket.

Parking Tickets

  • Don’t delay!  You have 21 days from the date the ticket was issued to dispute or pay the original fine amount.  Visit to pay or dispute. 
  • All disputes are completed through the online process.  To pay in person, visit UPD M-F during campus business hours.


Parking and Traffic Ordinances (PTO's) - Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking tickets are subject to impound per California Vehicle Code 22651.

  • PTO-1: No parking permit displayed - $33.00
  • PTO-2: Fictitious or forged permit - $121.00
  • PTO-3: Permit not displayed properly - $28.00
  • PTO-4: Misuse of parking permit - $41.00
  • PTO-5: Parked in wrong area - $28.00
  • PTO-6: Expired meter - $33.00
  • PTO-7: Parked in restricted area - $28.00
  • PTO-8: Not parked in designated space - $28.00
  • PTO-9: Failure to obey lawful order - $53.00
  • PTO-10: Parked in posted reserved - $60.00
  • PTO-11: Driving in restricted area - $39.00
  • PTO-12: Parked overnight w/o permission - $28.00
  • PTO-14: Subsection bicycle violation - $28.00
  • PTO-15: Failure to obey sign - $43.00
  • PTO 16: Defacing sign - $73.00
  • PTO-18: Use of lost or stolen decal - $121.00