Buying a Permit

  • Daily permits are available near campus entrances, the cost is $6 per day (see campus map).
  • Hourly permits can be purchased for $1/hour in lot 1, near the Library (around University Circle).
  • 2-hour permits are available in parking lot 8 at a reduced rate.
  • Parking permits are NOT required if you park on the city streets along the perimeter of campus.
parking guidelines


  • Visitors are not exempt from paying a parking fee.
  • Do not park in faculty/staff areas with a daily permit until after 4 p.m.
  • Do not park in faculty/staff reserved areas (bright yellow sign) with a daily permit until after 5 p.m.
  • Vendors with large delivery vehicles, contact the police department at (209) 667-3114.
Car in front of a yellow background

University Visitors

  • For all visitors, volunteers and vendors, a Guest Parking Request must be submitted no later than two days prior to their visit. The hosting department must submit the request.
  • Areas marked as reserved are not for visitors.
  • All buses are required to contact the University Police Department prior to parking on campus at (209) 667-3114 or email
  • “30 Minute” designated parking spaces are available in:
    • Lot 11 near MSR (Administrative building)
    • Lot 8 near the sports arena
    • Lot 2 near the Art and Theatre buildings

Updated: November 29, 2023