Parking & Traffic Ordinance (PTO)

PTO’s are enforced at all times. Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking tickets are subject to impound pursuant to §22651(i) CVC.

PTO-1: No parking permit displayed - $33.00

PTO-2: Fictitious or forged permit - $121.00

PTO-3: Permit not displayed properly - $28.00

PTO-4: Misuse of parking permit - $41.00

PTO-5: Parked in wrong area - $28.00

PTO-6: Expired meter - $33.00

PTO-7: Parked in restricted area - $28.00

PTO-8: Not parked in designated space - $28.00

PTO-9: Failure to obey lawful order - $53.00

PTO-10: Parked in posted reserved - $60.00

PTO-11: Driving in restricted area - $39.00

PTO-12: Parked overnight w/o permission - $28.00

PTO-14: Subsection bicycle violation - $28.00

PTO-15: Failure to obey sign - $43.00

PTO 16: Defacing sign - $73.00

PTO-18: Use of lost or stolen decal - $121.00

All vehicles parked on the Stanislaus State campus are required to display a valid Stanislaus State parking permit, temporary permit, or hourly permit, except those vehicles parked in loading zones.

No person shall attempt to evade payment of parking fees by the use of a forged or fictitious parking permit.

Parking permits must be adhered face-up to the inside lower left windshield, or displayed from an approved clear or transparent mirror hanger.

No person shall violate the Parking Guidelines concerning the use/or display of parking permits.

Vehicles must be parked in the areas valid for the parking permit they display.

No vehicle may be left parked upon expiration of a time-limited pass.

Vehicles shall not park in the following areas:

  1. Any area of the campus which is not posted or improved and marked for parking.
  2. Any area assigned for disabled parking unless that vehicle displays a valid Stanislaus State parking permit and distinctive license plates or placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. Any area marked for loading/unloading, unless that vehicle is immediately engaged in loading/unloading within the posted limitations.

All vehicles shall park in a designated space, between the white lines.

No person shall disobey the lawful orders of a member of the University Police Department relating to the parking and/or movement of vehicles on campus.

Use of “Reserved” spaces requires the display of a “Reserved” permit.

Motor vehicle travel is restricted to the roadways and parking areas of the campus. Individuals requiring the use of sidewalks for vehicular movement shall obtain advance permission from the University Police Department.

Vehicles shall not remain parked on campus grounds between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. without permission of the University Police Department, with the exception of vehicles operated by dormitory residents.

Persons operating bicycles on campus shall obey the following rules:

  1. Bicycle travel is restricted to roadways, parking areas, sidewalks and pathways.
  2. Bicycles will be operated in a safe manner, having due regard for persons and property.
  3. Bicycles will be parked in provided bike racks and shall not be chained to any stationary objects, with the exception of bike racks. Bicycles parked in violation of this section may be impounded by the University Police Department.
  4. Bicycles will be equipped as required by the vehicle code and shall display a valid bicycle license.
  5. Bicycles shall not be ridden in campus buildings at any time.
  6. Bicycles are restricted to 10MPH on all sidewalks and pathways.

It shall be unlawful for any driver of a vehicle to fail to obey any sign or signal erected or maintained by the University to regulate the flow of traffic.

No person shall, without lawful authority, deface, injure, attach any material or substance to, knock down, or remove any traffic control device, traffic guidepost, or traffic post erected or maintained by the University.

No person shall use a parking permit that has been reported as lost or stolen, or for which the appropriate fee has not been paid.

Evening permits are valid only between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Updated: November 29, 2023