For Academic Internship Students

Please note: Academic Internships are for course credit. If you are interested in an internship without course credit please contact the Career & Professional Development Center.
For students in the College of Business, please contact Mrs. Cari Rumayor at

COVID-19 Notice for Academic Internships:

  • All Academic Internship activities will only be performed virtually/remotely until further notice. ​
    • Possible exemptions for academic internships are being reviewed by Colleges on a case-by-case basis.
    • Internship Exceptions are completed by the student at Exception face-to-face activity. The request will then be sent to faculty for signature prior to being forwarded to the Dean. Dean will make a final determination for the exemption request.
    • Please contact Breanna McIntyre at or call 209-667-3669 regarding the process for an exemption request.
  • Students participating in virtual/remote Internships need to complete the required documents on the StanServes S4 website.

StanServes S4 Database

StanServes S4 LogoStanislaus State risk management forms for Academic Internships courses are filled out online at StanServes S4. Students can log on with their campus user name and password to gain access. Select your academic internship site as well as complete the required Learning Plan, Participation Guidelines, and Liability Waiver. You must complete Academic Internship documents on the StanServes S4 website PRIOR to starting your academic internship, whether it is unpaid or paid.

Tutorials for Stan Serves S4

What is an Academic Internship?

An academic internship is a structured and guided professional experience in which a student actively practices their career-based skills with an approved community partner. Academic internships may take place with nonprofit organizations, government offices, or for-profit businesses. Internships experiences are high-impact opportunities that provide training, exploration of interest, networking, and much more.

Academic Internships Empowers Students Through

  • Leadership Development
  • Direct Experience to Enrich and Apply Classroom Knowledge
  • Career Exploration and Professional Development
  • Non-Traditional and Creative Learning Environment
  • Civic Engagement
  • Intellectual Pursuit
  • Strengthened Community
  • Networking

Academic Internships Resources

A list of agencies and companies that offer a virtual/remote internship opportunity can be viewed at Virtual Opportunities. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Due to requests for community services and resources during the current stay-at-home period, we are making available the Turlock Community Collaborative Directory - A Non-Profit Service Agency Resource Guide valuable local resource guide listing many service agencies in Stanislaus County.

Please click on this link to view the directory: Turlock Community Collaborative Directory. Please note that agency personnel may change at any time; however, you can always utilize the general contact information.

The Office of Service Learning is here to help you with any questions you may have concerning academic internship opportunities.

Additionally, the California State University system has established risk management policies and procedures for students participating in academic internships. To understand more about the university's risk management procedures, please see the Student Guide to Risk Management.