Psychological Counseling Services

March 1st is Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day is an annual worldwide event that promotes diversity and recognizes that everyone counts.

Organizations like the United Nations (UN) actively promote the day with various activities to celebrate everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, height, weight, profession, education, and beliefs.


Psychological Counseling Services

Mission Statement 

The mission of Psychological Counseling Services is to maintain and enhance students psychological, emotional, and relational well-being. Psychological Counseling Services facilitates a successful experience in academic and social realms for students at California State University, Stanislaus.


In view of this mission, Psychological Counseling Services provides professional, ethical, and confidential psychological counseling to students. Voluntary, non-coerced participation is emphasized. Additionally, Psychological Counseling Services offers workshops, outreach, and consultation. Services are offered using a proactive, developmental and systemically-oriented model. Psychological Counseling Services supports a multicultural, collaborative, and diverse campus community. Psychological Counselors assist students to develop cognitive and emotional integration, relationship skills, and personal resilience.


To schedule an appointment with a psychological counselor, come to the Vasche Library Building, ( See Building #1: Map) Room 185 (See Map) or call (209) 667-3381.