Counseling faculty provide educational workshops and groups addressing a variety of topics. See below for workshops and groups offered this semester.

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Managing Emotions

Presenters: Andrea Perkins, LCSW & Amanda Peterson, LMFT

Dates TBD

Are you feeling stressed, or overwhelmed, or do you have the COVID blues? If you need a safe space to talk about stressors, come join our group. Managing Emotions is an open process group for current Stan State students to address these ongoing stressors.

LGBTQ+ safe space


Presenters: Jennifer Staffero, LCSW & Edward Colorado, LCSW

Dates TBD
Hybrid (virtual & in person)

This group addresses life and relationship issues related to sexual orientation. Talk openly with other students about your sexual identity. Topics are based on students’ interests and can include exploring your identity, trust and relationships, dealing with heterosexism, dating, family and societal expectations, and self-esteem. Join us in fun activities and discussions.


Body Positive Warriors

Presenters: Susan Brumm, LPCC & Edward Colorado, LCSW

Dates TBD


Body Positive Warriors is a community that is devoted to developing a positive, accepting approach to health, beauty, and identity.


Stress Busters for Finals

Presenters: Julia Rosas-Nieto, LMFT & Edward Colorado, LCSW 

Dates TBD

Do finals have you feeling stressed? Not sure how to deal with it? Come join us to talk about it and learn some healthy ways to reduce your stress!

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Coping with Grief and Loss

Presenter: Lee Bettencourt, LCSW 

Dates TBD

Going through the loss of loved ones, relationships, pets are a part of the human experience that can have a significant impact on our daily lives.  This workshop will provide participants with information on the impact and process of grief, effective coping strategies and how to work through the experience of loss.

Animation of girl holding a heart.

Self-Compassion Group

Presenters: Jennifer Staffero, LCSW & Julia Rosas-Nieto, LMFT

Dates TBD

Self-compassion involves treating ourselves kindly like we would a good friend we care about. You will learn ways to stop being so hard on yourself and gain practical skills to help bring self-compassion into your daily life. This group will be experiential and full of discussion so be prepared to participate!

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Soothing Art Activities for Anxiety

Presenter: Julia Rosas-Nieto, LMFT

Dates TBD

Have you wondered how your creative side can help you with anxiety? This workshop will be a great opportunity to learn new creative coping skills that will help with soothing the body and mind.

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Student-Athlete Support Group

Presenters: Jennifer Staffero, LCSW

Dates TBD


This group is open to student-athletes needing guidance or a support system as they navigate their pre-pandemic lives with their post-pandemic responsibilities and what that looks like while also juggling athletics.

Updated: June 01, 2022