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The workshop leaders are counseling faculty from Psychological Counseling Services at Stanislaus State. Each leader has had extensive experience in the topic areas and provide educational outreach to address psychological topics in various campus settings as well as in the Counseling Center.

All presentations are free but require advance sign-up. Individuals requiring special accommodation for a disability are encouraged to contact Psychological Counseling Services at 667-3381.


              Stress Management     sun

Presenter:  Martha Cuan, LCSW

Wednesday, September 19         1:30pm – 3pm                       MSR 130C

Stress, an undeniable part of our busy lives. Stress can be good, but chronic stress can be detrimental. Although stress cannot be completely eliminated, it is possible to learn ways to regulate and manage the stress in our lives.  Come to this workshop and learn strategies that will improve your self-care, decrease, and balance the stress in your life.

BTW…bring a friend with you to the workshop … it is less stressful that way!

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studentAchieving Student Success

Presenter: Lee Bettencourt, LCSW

Thursday, September 20               1:00pm – 2:30pm                             MSR 260

The college experience requires students to overcome many challenges such as financial difficulties, relationship issues, effective time management and coping with stress.  Participants in this workshop will gain useful information on communication skills, managing your time, resolving conflicts, handling finances and managing stress in your life.

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          Grief Support Group butterfly

Presenter: Lee Bettencourt, LCSW

Tuesdays                 1pm – 2:30pm            MSR 130C

Providing information and support for individuals dealing with issues of grief and loss.

                             September 25          October 9          October 23          November 6

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      Depression  micky

Presenter: Jennifer Staffero, LCSW

                     Tuesday, October 16              1:30pm – 3pm                      MSR 260

Everyone gets down from time to time, but sometimes it’s more than just “the blues.”

This presentation will focus on: 1) The symptoms of depression, 2) Self-care strategies that can help manage depressed mood, 3) How thoughts contribute to depression and ways to challenge these thoughts.


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book mothMindfulness

Presenter: Susan Brumm, LPCC

                                Thursday, October 18         1pm – 2:30pm                      MSR 200

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware of where we are and what we are doing.

Mindfulness is the ability to cope with what is going on without being overwhelmed.

This workshop will provide helpful information and techniques for developing mindfulness and increasing positive outlook in our lives.

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Resiliency Mindset  flower

Presenter: Dr. Daniel Berkow, Director

                             Tuesday, October 30       1:00pm – 2:30pm              MSR 130C

Developing Inner Strength to Deal with Challenges.

Resilience is a mindset, a way of thinking and relating, and a set of skills. Resilient people bounce back from adversity, persevere when there is a challenge, and find ways to remain positive when dealing with negativity from others.

Resilience helps us to minimize depressed moods and anxiety, while finding ways to relax and enjoy our lives even when

dealing with stress. Learn how to develop a resilient mindset, use mindfulness skills to deal with challenging situations.

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Become a Certified QPR Gatekeeper 

Suicide Prevention Training    qpr   

     Presenter: Dr. Daniel Berkow, Director

Tuesday, November 13                 1:00pm – 3:00pm                             MSR 130

QPR training can help you become an important part of the CSU Stan “safety net” for someone who may be dealing with hidden despair or overwhelming stress.  Learn how you can talk with someone thinking about suicide, help prevent suicide, and become a certified QPR Gatekeeper.

Students who attend this workshop will complete 2 hours of training and receive a certificate as a QPR gatekeeper.

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Mind over Anxiety

Presenter: Julia Rosas-Nieto, LMFT    

Wednesday, November 14 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                                ­1:30-3:00pm______MSR130C

Finding yourself thinking of “what if’s” and/or worst case scenarios. You might be experiencing symptoms of anxiety. This workshop will focus on the following: Symptoms of anxiety, Understanding Thinking Traps, and Coping Skills.

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kid on bed Mindfulness & Relaxation for Finals

Presenter: Dr. Daniel Berkow, Director

Wednesday, December 12                           1pm – 2:30pm                   MSR 130C

Mindfulness skills will help you to be fully present when studying, and to let go of worrying about finals when you need a break. We will focus on learning a relaxation exercise that centers on mindful breathing and sensory awareness, and we will also cover time management and how to de-stress.

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lgbtq+ Group Therapy

Facilitator: Jennifer Staffero, LCSW

             Every Thursday      12:30pm – 2pm                  Student Health Center Conference Room

BE WHO YOU ARE!      A safe place to join together and  discuss whatever is on your mind.  Allies welcome!

FALL                                     SPRING

   Sept. 27                                    Feb. 14, 21, 28

 Oct.  4, 11, 18, 25                    Mar. 7, 14, 28

        Nov.  1, 8, 15, 29                     Apr.  4, 11, 18, 25

                                              Dec. 6                                       May 3


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coffee Coffee with a Counselor

               1st and 3rd Wednesdays             10am – 11am                   Student Housing / Dorms

    Drop in, grab a cup of coffee and chat with a counselor about different topics relevant to student life!

 Sept 5   Top 10 Freshman Year Issues                                                 Feb 6     Romance & Sex

 Sept 19   What’s your plan? College & Mental Health                         Feb 20   Family

 Oct 3     Sleep & the Student-College Concerns                                  Mar 6     Friendships

 Oct 17   Boost your school performance by taking care of you            Mar 20  No Session; Spring Break

 Nov 7    Winter Break Survival Tips                                                      Apr 3     Health & Well-being

 Nov 21   No Session; Happy Thanksgiving!                                         Apr 17   Grief & Loss

 Dec 5     The most stressful time of the semester – Finals                   May 1    School Pressures

 Dec 19    No Session; Winter Break                                                      May 15   Becoming Independent

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BODY Positive Warriors    humming bird

Licensed Be Body Positive Facilitators:  Susan Brumm, LPCC & Ann Marie Washington, LCSW

         Wednesdays          1pm – 2pm            Conference Rm: 362 (In Student Affairs MSR 360)

Our Mission: Creating community and a shared positive approach to beauty, health, and identity; supporting success in life and academics.

                    Sept 26                    Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31                          Nov 7, 14


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The prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses and the importance of affirmative consent ribbon

By: Laurie Hay, LMFT

  Tuesday, September 11                 1pm - 2pm               Student Health Center

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Rape culture and its effects on survivors and societyribbon

By: Laurie Hay, LMFT

  Tuesday, September 18                 1pm - 2pm               Student Health Center

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The Sexual Assault Continuun ribbon

By: Laurie Hay, LMFT

  Tuesday, March 5                 1pm - 2pm               Student Health Center

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Effects of Sexual Assault ribbon

By: Laurie Hay, LMFT

  Tuesday, March 12                 1pm - 2pm               Student Health Center

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