What is the Pathways to Success Mentor Program?

The Pathways to Success Mentor Program is a college-prep program to connect the K-12 students of Turlock Unified School District (TUSD) with a current Stanislaus State student from the Criminal Justice Department. The vision of the mentoring program is to provide underrepresented students in the TUSD with the most important factor in their future success: a positive connection. This positive connection will help students build resilience which is the ability to persevere through and overcome adversity.

Requirements for Stan State Students

All Stan State students participating in the mentorship program will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in CJ 3600, CJ 3650, CJ 4230, CJ 4350, or CJ 4700.
    • First, you must take and clear a Livescan screening though our UPD office (within the past 5 years).
    • Second, you must also pass a TB Test within the past 4 years.
    • Third, you will need to register and view up to 3 child safety videos through the Praesidium Academy website. You’ll need to print out or save the certificates for each video and email or send them to your instructor. (view the Praesidium Academy Quick Start Guide).
    • Fourth, you must contact the Office of Student Services (209-667-0632, Option 3 and please ask for Alma) at Turlock Unified School District (TUSD) to be assigned a school site and a protegee. Confirm with the school that the protegee’s parents or guardians have signed the TUSD Consent to Participate form (see below).
    • Fifth, you will need to complete the Service Learning online forms (General Service Learning Student Learning Plan, Participation Guidelines, COVID Site Safety Information, and Liability Wavier) at StanServes S4

When mentoring in person, TUSD requires that you wear a lanyard that will be provided to your class by the Office of Service Learning. 

Mentoring Activities

Activities of the mentoring Stan State Students include:

  • Building caring relationships based on trust that meets the fundamental need to belong and establish positive peer interactions;
  • Establishing high expectations by identifying the protegees' talents and fostering problem-solving skills that form the basis of higher-level critical thinking;
  • Redefining “responsibility” as the responsibility to give help to others which is the only route to true strength, autonomy, and a positive self-concept; and
  • Instilling a sense of purpose so that the student can meaningfully participate in their education.

Thank you to everyone that makes this program possible:

  • Turlock Unified School District Staff, Teachers, Parents, and Students
  • Criminal Justice Faculty and Students
  • Stanislaus State Staff

All protegees MUST have their parent/guardian sign and return the Consent to Participate to Turlock Unified School District (see the links below).

In 2022-2023 AY, TUSD will do their best to have signed the Consent form prior to beginning the program. However, if your protegee doesn't have not signed a Consent form by your first meeting, ask the school if they will send out a consent form. Or, you may need to print out this form below in English or Spanish and ask the protegee to have their parent/guardian sign the form. This Consent form MUST be signed before you can continue to mentor with your protegee.

The following standards are for both Mentors and Protegees:

  • Mentor activities and communication is to be done between 8am to 8pm
  • You MUST NOT use/share a Social Media site (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). Additionally, you must never discuss your mentoring experience on any Social Media website.
  • Your experience with your protegee is confidential as long as the protegee does not breech Mandatory Reporting requirements, which should only be discussed with your TUSD supervisor. 

Please watch the Pathways to Success three part recorded orientation.

Updated: April 11, 2024