For Faculty

Service Learning as an Effective Method for Teaching

Incorporating service learning into your curriculum is an effective teaching strategy that increases faculty-student interaction while contributing to student social, intellectual, and professional development. As a pedagogy, service learning can be an important compenent to deepen student learning and participation in their disciplines through off-campus activities in addition to the traditional, lecture-driven curriculum. It requires active student participation in developing learning objectives and interacting in our society in a way that challenges their assumptions and strengthens critical thinking.

Service learning represents an opportunity for engaged scholarship. Engaged scholarship connects the expertise of the University to public issues that include artistic, social, cultural, scientific and economic development. Through this engaged form of teaching and research, faculty become leaders in their contributions to the core mission of the University.

What can the Office of Service Learning do to support your academic work?

The Office of Service Learning is a resource for service learning faculty. We are available to discuss any aspect of experiential education you may be considering. The Office of Service Learning may also assist you in the following ways:

  • developing syllabi
  • developing community partnerships 
  • exploring funding opportunities 
  • implementing University risk management policy associated with service learning or internship off-campus activities
  • connecting you with other Stanislaus State service learning faculty