What is an Academic Internship?

An academic internship is a credit-bearing, career-related work experience of limited duration in which an individual takes on responsible roles outside of the traditional university environment. Academic internships may take place in a nonprofit organization, government office, or for-profit business. Depending on the employer, some internships are paid.

Career Connections Center, Clark University in Massachusetts

Quick Links for Faculty

The quick links below are to help with starting internship course or request a new internship site.

CSU's Essential Community Engagement Fall 2020 Webinar:
Critical Reflection (Oct 30, 2020) 

Internship Faculty Coordinators' Meeting Spring 2021

Chancellor's Office Common Attributes Initiative for Service Learning Courses
(June 23, 2020)

Recently, the Chancellor's Office implemented a system-wide common set of attributes used in CMS to tag courses that offer either "Service Learning (SL)" or "Curricular Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)". These tags are used to load courses into the StanServes S4 site with the intention to effectively identify and track SL or CCEL courses uniformly across the CSU. The following links below provide detailed information about the new attributes, as well as the form that faculty complete to assign the appropriate attribute to their course. 

Academic research and practice relating to Academic Internships provide many opportunities to publish academic articles or books.

Click on the following links to connect with colleagues engaged in Academic Internships and research and to learn what other organizations are doing on the state, regional, and national levels:

*Some links may require membership subscriptions for accessibility. These links may be accessible if connected to the university server.

California Campus Compact Listserv
To subscribe to listserv, contact: cacc@sfsu.edu

Community Connections Listserv
To subscribe to listserv, send message to: majordomo@lists.servenet.org containing in the body of message: Subscribe Community Connections and Your Email Address (remove any appended signatures and leave subject line blank)

 U.S. Department of Education's EDInfo Listserv
To subscribe to listserv, send message to: listproc@inet.ed.gov containing in the body of message: Subscribe EDInfo and First Name Last Name (remove any appended signatures and leave subject line blank)

California Campus Compact

Stanislaus State is a member of this network of diverse colleges and universities who share a common commitment to advance civic and community engagement and learning for a healthy, just, and democratic society. As a member, faculty, and students have access to valuable resources to develop and implement community-based learning and research programs that bridge the classroom with our communities. Campus Compact also hosts conferences to showcase your community-based work, learn what other innovative work is being done by peers, and network with like-minded civic-engaged colleagues. 

Please visit the California Campus Compact website to explore the resources available to you.  

Turlock Community Collaborative Directory - A Non-Profit Service Agency Resource Guide

While we may be teaching and studying from home, many of our local community service non-profits, public service agencies, and businesses continue to provide needed services in our communities. There are opportunities for you to help members of the Collaborative virtually/remotely! We are making available this valuable local resource guide so that you can still make a difference throughout Stanislaus County.

Please visit the Turlock Community Collaborative Directory to open a pdf copy of the directory.  Also, note that agency personnel may change at any time; however, you can always utilize the general contact information.

Confronting Anti-Black Racism on College Campus: 2-day Professional Development Training for Educators – August 12 & 13 2020.
Learn more at Anti-black-racism-training

Updated: June 06, 2023