About Turlock Community Collaborative

The Turlock Community Collaborative (TCC) is a group of local nonprofit organizations, government agencies, businesses, and citizens who have joined together to try and find solutions to the issues which impact Turlock.  

Since it was founded in 2002, the Collaborative has found ways to help the Turlock community and provide information and support to the wonderful non-profit agencies. We thank those civic minded individuals that had the vision to begin the Collaborative and we work to continue their dedication to making our community the best it can be. Since its inception, the TCC has broadened its scope to the following issues: health and safety; economic development and education; and family, youth, and seniors. Within these three main foci, the TCC has tackled issues which have a significant impact on the community and has done amazing projects to help some of Turlock's most vulnerable residents. Through several initiatives, such as the creation of a homeless shelter, Turlock Alternative Gangs Committee (TAG), a Family Resource Center being developed in Turlock, Turlock Community Gardens and other projects, the Collaborative has become the information center for local non-profits, government agencies and local citizens.

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Please feel free to join the Turlock Community Collaborative (TCC) meetings. The meetings are open to everyone in the community. To join the TCC email list please complete the TCC Member Information Form.

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Turlock Community Collaborative 2018 Directory

Turlock Community Collaborative: 2018 Community Services & Member Directory


A directory was created in 2018 with the intention to catalog the member organizations available to the Turlock community. Those needing references for our citizens in need can easily obtain accurate information. Those interested in volunteering or supporting local Turlock non-profits may also find this directory helpful. The first edition of the directory is available for viewing. Please note that agency personnel may change at any time; however, you can always utilize the general contact information.

Download your own copy of the Directory!


Updated: May 05, 2023