Student Assistants

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Work Study

For available Work Study employment opportunities and related information, visit the Work Study page within Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Current Openings

Job Description Job # Department Deadline
Early Start Program Assistant.pdf SA-3756 Enrollment Services 4/24/2015
Intramural Sports Student Assistant.pdf SA-3753 Student Leadership & Development 4/30/15
Intramural Sports Official.pdf SA-3482 Student Recreation Center 4/30/15
Leadership Assistant.pdf SA-3478 Student Leadership & Development 4/30/15
Peer Mentor.pdf SA-3754 Educational Opportunity Program 5/1/15
Resident Advisors (Summer Bridge Program).pdf SA-3751 Educational Opportunity Program 5/1/15
Articulation Student Assistant.pdf SA-3480 Enrollment Services 5/15/15
LSAMP Intern.pdf SA-3663 LSAMP Program 5/22/15
Academic Aide.pdf SA-3698 Disability Resource Services Open Until Filled
Chemistry Research Assistant.pdf SA-3381 Chemistry Open Until Filled
Field Trip Driver.pdf SA-3626 Geology Open Until Filled
Field Trip Rental Car Driver.pdf SA-3674 Biological Sciences Open Until Filled
Fitness Instructor.pdf SA-3335 Student Recreation Complex Open Until Filled
Gallery Attendant.pdf SA-3390 Art Department Open Until Filled
Grader/Reader.pdf SA-3658 Mathematics Department Open Until Filled
Graduate Research Assistant.pdf SA-3681 College of Business Administration Open Until Filled
HiMAP 1 Tutor.pdf SA-3648 Math Grants Open Until Filled
HiMAP Tutor.pdf SA-3560 Math Grants Open Until Filled
Infant/Toddler Internship.pdf SA-3578 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
International Research Assistant.pdf SA-3733 Office of International Education Open Until Filled
Intramural Sports Official.pdf SA-3672 Student Recreation Center Open Until Filled
Life Guard.pdf SA-3515 Kinesiology Open Until Filled
LSAMP Facilitator.pdf SA-3664 LSAMP Program Open Until Filled
Math Tutor.pdf SA-3717 College of Education Open Until Filled
Math Tutor K-12.pdf SA-3645 Math Grants Open Until Filled
Preschool Internship.pdf SA-3580 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
Student Research Assistant.pdf SA-3755 Social Work Department Open Until Filled
Substitute Preschool and Infant/Toddler Internship.pdf SA-3579 Child Development Center Open Until Filled

Short Term Jobs

Job Description Job # Department Deadline
Spot Job Applicant Pool.pdf SA-10-2796 varies as need arises Continuously accepting applications