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For available Work Study employment opportunities and related information, visit the Work Study page within Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Required Employment Forms

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    Current Openings

    Job Description Job # Department Deadline
    Audio Production Director SA-4061 Communication Studies 7/29/2016
    Pool Editor SA-4062 Communication Studies 8/15/2016
    Copy Editor SA-4063 Communication Studies 8/15/2016
    Graphic Designer SA-4064 Communication Studies 7/15/2016
    Online Tutor SA-4076 Tutoring Center 7/22/2016
    Help Desk/Lab Assistant SA-4075 OIT 7/20/2016
    Peer Advisor SA-4077 Student Success Center 7/28/2016
    Student Assistant SA-4021 Stockton Center 7/29/2016
    Office Assistant SA-4022 Stockton Center 7/29/2016
    Graduate Student Assistant, Academic Programs SA-4079 Office of AVP of Academic Affairs 8/08/2016
    Student Assistant, Academic Affairs SA-4080 Office of the Provost 8/08/2016
    Stockton Center Site Assistant SA-4059 UEE - Stockton Center 8/19/2016
    Supplemental Instruction Leader SA-4069 Advising Resource Center 8/08/2016
    Student Assistant SA-4081 OIT - Distance Learning 8/10/2016
    Supplemental Instruction Leader Coordinator SA-4070 Advising Resource Center 8/08/2016
    Gallery Assistant SA-4082 Art 8/12/2016
    Intramural Sports Official SA-4091 Campus Recreation 8/12/2016
    Student Assistant SA-4092 Anthropology-Central CA Information Center 8/15/2016
    Support Services Student Assistant I Print Shop SA-4090 Support Services/Print Shop 8/18/2016
    Web Assistant SA-4083 Communications & Public Affairs 8/19/2016
    Titus, Warrior Mascot SA-4084 Athletics 8/20/2016
    Event Game Staff SA-4085 Athletics


    Promotions Assistant SA-4095 KCSS/Communication Studies 8/24/2016
    Student Fitness Assistant SA-4025 Student Recreation Complex 8/31/2016
    Parking & Community Services Assistant SA-4087 Police 9/4/2016
    Live Sound/Recording Engineer SA-4098 Music 9/15/2016
    Music Student Technician SA-4097 Music 9/15/2016
    Concert Coordinator/Lead Cashier SA-4099 Music 9/15/2016
    Artists' Figure Model SA-4089 Art 9/16/2016
    University Library Assyrian History & Culture SA-4093 Library 9/30/2016
    LSAMP Intern SA-4094 College of Science/LSAMP Program 5/25/2017
    Field Trip Rental Car Driver SA-4096 Biological Sciences  5/31/2017
    Reader/Grader SA-4071 Mathematics Open Until Filled
    Research Assistant SA-4067 Physics Open Until Filled
    Field Trip Driver SA-4068 Geology Open Until Filled
    Mathematics Tutor SA-4066 COEKSW TRRP Open Until Filled
    LSAMP Intern SA-4048 College of Science Open Until Filled
    CDC Speical Projects SA-4035 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
    CDC Infant/Toddler Internship SA-4038 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
    CDC Preschool Internship SA-4039 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
    CDC Substitue Preschool & Infant/Toddler Internship SA-4040 Child Development Center Open Until Filled
    CDC Administration Internship SA-4041 Child Development Center Open Until Filled

    Short Term Jobs

    Job Description Job # Department Deadline
    Spot Job Applicant Pool                                                                       SA-10-2796 varies as need arises Continuously accepting applications


    Required Employment Forms

    to be completed by hired Student Assistants: