Verification of Employment

Verification check

California State University Stanislaus uses the Work Number for employment verifications. For employees or verifiers that do not have Internet access, would prefer to use the telephone, or require a Letter of Employment, please call the Human Resources Office at (209)667-3351.

What you need to know:

A "verifier" is an organization seeking employment and/or earnings information about you. A verifier can be a bank, loan or credit institution, background checking company, or even a prospective employer. Verifiers can obtain the following types of information from the automated system:

  • Job Title
  • Total time with company
  • Current pay rate
  • Pay frequency
  • Gross earnings for past two years + Years-to-Date earnings

What is the WORK NUMBER service:

  • The WORK NUMBER service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via internet or phone.
  • The WORK NUMBER service provides quicker loan approvals, speedier employment verifications, up-to-date information, and round-the-clock access to employment and salary information for verifiers (organizations that need credit or employment reference information). 
  • The WORK NUMBER service does not provide Letters of Employment. 

Who can verify

Employment verification can only be done through The Work Number. Department chairs, managers or staff shall not verify employment. Stanislaus State uses The Work Number to provide employment or income verifications to organizations such as mortgage companies or rental agencies. Questions should be forwarded to the Human Resources at (209) 667-3351.