The Modules

These modifications (also called GRPs) have been designed by campus representatives, and are being built by the Chancellor’s Office.

Absence Management

This module processes CSU leaves: sick, ​vacation, personal holiday, bereavement, etc. Employees enter their own leaves through self-service; and multi-institution security will ensure users only have access to data at their campus.

With CHRS:

  • Fluid Self Service for employees and approvers
  • Absence event table will be audited to monitor and report on activity
  • Work Centers will be built to facilitate employee, manager, and timekeeper role in regard to absence
  • Employees and approvers will be able to cancel any absences which have not been finalized; Finalized absences will be able to be voided by payroll staff
  • Employees will be ​able to enter absences up to 12 months in advance and 12 months prior; Retroactivity for 12 months
  • Forecasting will be used to assist employees to determine whether or not they will have an available balance to take leave, and validate data ​

Benefits Administration

The Benefits Administration ​Module processes and tracks CSU benefits eligibility and enrollment information.

With CHRS:

  • Contains employee and dependent information regarding eligibility and enrollment
  • Manages the transmission of enrollment data to Delta Dental, the State Controller's Office (SCO) and CalPERS Systems
  • eBenefits provides access to self-service for enrollment in Benefits Release 1 Change Impacts & 9.0 Position Papers Benefits Administration (BenAdmin)
  • Life Events guided process in self-service allows employees to initiate a change to their benefits due to specific life event such as Birth, Adoption, Marriage, and Divorce

Labor Cost Distribution

The primary goal for the LCD custom module is to transmit a CSU payroll expenditure journal from the PeopleSoft HCM application into the Common Financial System.

With CHRS:

  • Prior to running th​e CSU Actuals GL Interface process, campuses will run a new GL Interface Audit report to identify and correct any errors the GL Interface process may encounter.
  • Employees will be able to view their own paycheck data online on a standard selfservice View Paycheck page.
  • New Budget Expenditure reports for Actuals and Projections will be available in the CFS Data Warehouse

Temporary Academic Employment

Temporary Academic Employment (TAE) is a custom module used for the management of Temporary Faculty data.

With CHRS:

  • AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) for automated routing and approvals
  • Self-Service for Employees to review appointments, decline, and complete additional information needed for appointment processing
  • Mass Processing allows to process multiple appointments – e.g. by department

Time and Labor

Time tracking and processing module for all non-exempt employees’ time to create the Payroll Input Process (PIP) file to produce an employee’s paycheck.

With CHRS:

  • Fluid Self Service for employees and approvers
  • Auto Enrollment, Real Time Rules, AWE
  • Work Center
  • Pivot Grid
  • Expanded Timesheet Controls (Workgroup & Time Reporting Template)

Workforce Administration

The Workforce Administration Module is a repository for the core employee data used in all the other Modules, such as person and job data.

With CHRS:

  • Activity Guides On-Boarding and Terminations
  • Work Centers
  • HR Notifications
  • Pivot Grids ​​