Permit Types

In approaching a new semester, students and employees who plan to park on campus should purchase a parking permit in one of the following ways:


Purchase an annual permit through payroll deduction available at or a semester permit. New employees and those employees on campus on a more limited basis may take their hiring/appointment letter to University Police Department and picture identification to purchase a parking permit.


Purchase a semester permit at Students may also purchase a daily permit from a dispenser near campus entrances.


Purchase a semester permit at a reduced rate for motorcycles at Motorcycle permits are only valid in specifically designated Motorcycle Parking locations.

Daily Permit:

Purchase from a dispenser near campus entrances for $6, have cash/change available. To locate daily parking dispensers around campus, look at the parking lot dispensers map.

Visitor / Volunteer Permit:

To request visitor or volunteer parking permits, you must submit a Guest Parking Request no later than two days prior to their visit. Requests will only be processed through submitting this form.