Resilience and Well-Being Task Force

The Resilience and Well-Being Task Force (RWB-TF) has been established to seek campus feedback and suggestions to better support campus faculty, staff, students and administrators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the task force is to consult broadly with the campus and to research other campuses for suggestions on how to better support our campus community’s sense of resilience and mental health and to learn how to best promote well-being during and after the pandemic.

To accomplish this goal, the RWB-TF will identify and examine potential frameworks and/or evidence-based outcome models.

To that end, it may host various Zoom meetings and focus groups, conduct online surveys and study other RWB-TF websites to gather feedback to compile and present ongoing recommendations to the President.

The RWB-TF shall report to the President’s Office, the Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Equal Opportunity and Compliance; Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The RWB-TF's main focus will be recommending support for:

  1. The implementation or expansion of existing programs to help our campus individuals cope more effectively with immediate negative stressors related to COVID-19. These programs may include structural support and psychological support programs;
  2. Implementing or expanding new programs that foster and promote greater positive well-being;
  3. Creating programs to help students, faculty, staff and administrators build resilience.
  4. Exploring other emerging areas that may arise.

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Stakeholders Committee and Task Force Members

Meet the Co-Chairs

Destiny Suarez, Student & ASI President
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Tammy Giannini, Staff
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Steven Wood, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
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