California State University (CSU)

As the nation's largest public university system and an essential contributor to California's economy, California State University works hand-in-hand with the government at every level.

Together with policymakers, the Office of Federal Relations and Advocacy & State Relations advance the interests of the CSU, ensuring that we continue to enroll, educate, and graduate more students who are ready to contribute to tomorrow's workforce.

Office of Federal Relations

The California State University Office of Federal Relations works in Washington, D.C. to advance the interests of the nation’s largest four-year public university system.

Advocacy & State Relations

The Office of Advocacy and State Relations advocates for the interests of the California State University with the state's government. ASR does so with the help of the Chancellor's Office, the CSU's 23 campuses, alumni, and other supporters.

Maddy Institute

The Maddy Institute aims to combine the knowledge base of the four universities to address regional and State policy issues providing greater understanding and supporting the development of student skills in public service. The primary goal of this Institute is to provide Central Valley college students with greater access to legislative internships, and Graduate Fellowships.

The Maddy Institute produces an e-newsletter called the Maddy Daily, which provides summaries and links to local, state, and national news. It is a great way to stay current on news regarding various topics that affect all citizens.

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Neisha Rhodes
Director, Presidential Initiatives

Updated: July 28, 2023