Catastrophic Leave Donation Program

The CSU Catastrophic Leave Donation Program allows employees to voluntarily donate sick and/or vacation leave credits to employees that are totally incapacitated due to a catastrophic illness or injury, and have exhausted all leave credits, including any sick, vacation, personal holiday or CTO credits. Family illnesses that are deemed catastrophic, requiring an employee to be absent to care for an immediate family member, are also eligible for the CSU Catastrophic Leave Donation Program.

  • 3 to 6 month benefit period
  • Benefit period begins when all leave credits are exhausted
  • Benefit payment depends on number of leave credits donated
  • May supplement NDI

Depending on the employee bargaining unit, an employee who accrues vacation or sick leave credits, may voluntarily donate a certain number of accrued hours to another employee deemed eligible for catastrophic leave. The amount of hours that can be donated during a fiscal year vary per employee bargaining unit.

Catastrophic leave donations are not transferable between campuses. An employee can donate to or receive credits from employees at his/her respective campus only.

The total amount of leave credits donated and used may not exceed an amount sufficient to ensure the continuance of the employee's regular monthly rate of compensation, for a period of three to six months. Donated leave credits may also be used to supplement Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI) payments upon the application for these benefits(s) by an eligible employee. An employee cannot receive Catastrophic Leave in lieu of benefits through a disability program.

Required PDF Forms

Catastrophic Leave - Donor Election Form

Catastrophic Leave - Medical Certification

Catastrophic Leave - Request for Participation

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