Student writing and success are our top priority in the Writing Program at Stanislaus State. The faculty and staff would like to extend a warm welcome and an invitation to partake in that success. While this page is currently under construction, in the future you will find a variety of resources structured with student writers in mind including pertinent web resources, writing exercises, and tools/strategies that will aid in the effective navigation of the discipline in general and writing courses specifically. We feel that writing is a social activity, and the resources provided aim to help students build communication skills, cross academic bridges, and construct their individual place in our community of writers. The writing community is committed to providing and utilizing the best student-centered composition and rhetorical approaches available, and as our methods evolve over time, so too will the resources we provide to our students. We look forward to hearing your voice, reading your work, and getting to know you as a member of our writing community.

Citing Sources

Academic and Student Resources

Your instructors are your most valuable resource. Don't hesitate to ask your instructors questions during or after class. Most instructors encourage students to ask questions because it indicates to them that students are engaged in the learning process. 

The course syllabus will provide pertinent information about class assignments, contact information, and office hours and location. It acts as a guide for the semester.

Many teachers encourage "drop-in" office visits, but it is always courteous to let them know ahead of time if you plan to pay them a visit. Don't assume your instructors are always available to chat when they are in their offices. Always check your school email (and the learning management site, like Canvas, if your teacher uses it for class) before going to class.

Instructors often use email to notify students of syllabus updates, class activities, reminders, and assignments. Also, even teachers have emergencies and illnesses. In most cases they will email you if a class is canceled, so it's a good idea to check your email daily.

Below are links to additional resources available to you on campus:

Updated: August 10, 2023