Writing Center

Weekly Tutoring Appointment

Meet with a tutor weekly on the same day and time for a 50-minute session. Together you will develop priorities for improving your writing over a period of time. Go to our Tutor Request Application to schedule a weekly appointment.

Same-day Tutoring

Call 667-3642 or stop by the center after 9:30 a.m. to sign in for an available 25-minute same day tutoring session. Same-day Tutoring is provided on a first come, first served basis. You may request one session per day, up to two per week.

Online Tutoring

You can now get writing help online. The Online Writing Center will work collaboratively with students to help them develop their writing. We also offer online tutoring to help students prepare for the WPST. Go to our Online Tutoring Application to request an online tutor.

WPST Preparation

Need to prepare for an upcoming WPST? During a WPST tutoring session, the tutor will help the writer learn to decipher prompts and understand the WPST scoring guide. Tutors may also review an essay the writer has written to a WPST prompt and provide suggestions for revision.

Writer’s Online Handbook

The Writer’s Online Handbook can be accessed at home and during your tutoring session to receive guidance for their professional or academic writing concerns. Students can access resources, handouts, and links to get help with a variety of writing issues and concerns.

ESL Tutoring

Students enrolled in ESL 1000, ESL 1005, or ESL 2000 will attend a one-on-one tutoring session once per week as part of the course’s requirements. The Writing Center also offers specialized ESL tutoring to students not already enrolled in the above ESL courses.

Group Tutoring

All ENGL 1006 and ENGL 3000 classes include one hour of group tutoring in the Writing Center per week. The required hour is scheduled when the student registers for the class. During the session the tutor facilitates as students collaborate on improving critical reading skills and writing strategies.

Occasionally the Writing Center offers group tutoring for specific subjects when the need arises. Call the Writing Center for more information.

ENGL 1001/1006/3000 and ESL Faculty

Resources and guidance for instructors whose classes incorporate one hour of workshop in the Writing Center.