Referring Students to the Writing Center

The Writing Center serves students from all disciplines and at all levels of proficiency. Our peer tutors are able to help your students at each step of the writing process.  This help may include understanding assignments, setting research and writing goals, brainstorming and developing controlling ideas, revising drafts for clarity and complexity, and providing editing strategies and practice.  Writing Center tutors will not proofread papers for students.  Instead, tutors help students learn to recognize their sentence-level errors, locate them in the context of their own writing, and correct them.  Since writing growth is developmental, students’ essays may not demonstrate marked improvement immediately. However, with continued tutoring and classroom instruction, students can and will become competent academic writers. 

Coming for Fall 2021:  Modules in Canvas Commons area that will provide information about the Writing Center for both faculty and students.  In the meantime, we encourage you and your students to read: "Why Visit Your Campus Writing Center?" by Ben Rafoth

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Updated: February 24, 2022