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General information

  • StanTutor can be accessed at or your student portal 
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (avoid Internet Explorer or Mac Safari)
  • Students can make appointments remotely from anywhere at any time as long as they have access to the Internet

Attending an Online Appointment or SI Session

  • Log into your StanTutor account using your Stan State credentials
  • Look at your "Upcoming Appointments" box
  • 15-minutes before the start time of your appointment, you will see a button labelled "Enter ZOOM Appointment" in your Upcoming Appointments box. 
  • Click this button and it takes you to the Zoom for your online appointment or SI Session

Step-by-Step User Guide: How to Attend Your Online Tutoring Appointment or SI Session

Cancelling an Appointment

  • Login to StanTutor account using your Stan State credentials
  • Find a list of your Upcoming Appointments on your Main Menu
  • Click the x behind the appointment you would like to cancel
  • Type a reason for cancelling your appointment
  • An email to confirm your cancellation will be sent to you and your tutor

Cancel your tutoring appointment ANYTIME before the START time of your appointment. A student is only allowed two cancellations a semester.  On the third cancellation, a student will be dropped from their weekly tutoring appointments and be prevented from booking another appointment. 

Step-by-Step User Guide: How to Cancel a Tutoring Appointment

Making a Tutoring Appointment Quick Guide

  • Click here to get to StanTutor
  • Log in with your Warrior username and password (the credentials you use to access my.stanstate)
  • Read the information on the Main Menu Welcome Screen.  Be sure you understand and follow the tutoring policies listed there
  • Click on the “Search Availability” tab in the upper left hand corner
  • Choose “Center” from the dropdown menu
  • Choose Section (class) from the pulldown menu
  • Choose a date range for your FIRST appointment availability search.  You can use the green slide bar to choose a time range or you can select a particular day (example: MON or WED).  If you want to search all availabilities, then skip Step 7 and click on the Search button
  • Once you see a day and time slot that fits your schedule, click on that timeslot
  • In the Notes Section, type in what you want the tutor to help you with during the tutoring session
  • Appointments are one-time unless you click the "Weekly" box and it will become a weekly recurring appoinment for the entire semester. 
  • Click Save
  • A confirmation/reminder email will be sent to your Stan State email account
  • If you return to the Main Menu (upper left hand corner), your upcoming appointment(s) will be listed
  • To logoff, click Logoff in the upper left hand corner of the screen

Step-by-Step User Guide: How to Book an Appointment

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