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Face-to-Face Appointments Suspended

In response to the recent announcement by President Junn to suspend face-to-face classes, and to increase social distancing and decrease the frequency of staff and students coming on and off campus.  The Learning Commons has suspended face-to-face tutoring appointments for the Fall 2020 semester.


Math Tutoring Appointments

Book a 25-minute one-time or recurring math tutoring appointment in advance or same day!

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Writing Tutoring Appointments

Book a 25-minute one-time or recurring writing appointment in advance or same day!

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User Guides 

General information

  • TutorTrac can be accessed at or your student portal 
  • Use Google Chrome (avoid Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Mac Safari)
  • Students can make appointments remotely from anywhere at any time as long as they have access to the Internet

Cancelling an Appointment

To cancel online, you must do so 24 hours in advance. If you need to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, contact the Learning Commons office (contact information is provided below).  A student is only allowed two cancellations a semester.  On the third cancellation, a student will be dropped from their weekly tutoring appointments and be prevented from booking another appointment. To be considered for reinstatement, please contact the Director of the Learning Commons for content tutoring and the Director of the Writing Center for writing tutoring.

Here are the steps for canceling appointments on TutorTrac:

  • Login to StanTutor
  • Find a list of your upcoming appointments on your Main Menu
  • Click the x behind the appointment you would like to cancel
  • Type a reason for cancelling your appointment
  • An email to confirm your cancellation will be sent to you and your tutor

Making a Tutoring Appointment Quick Guide

  • Click here to get to StanTutor
  • Log in with your Warrior username and password (the credentials you use to access my.stanstate)
  • Read the information on the Main Menu Welcome Screen.  Be sure you understand and follow the tutoring policies listed there
  • Click on the “Search Availability” tab in the upper left hand corner
  • Choose “Center” from the dropdown menu
  • Choose Section (class) from the pulldown menu
  • Choose a date range for your FIRST appointment availability search.  You can use the green slide bar to choose a time range or you can select a particular day (example: MON or WED).  If you want to search all availabilities, then skip Step 7 and click on the Search button
  • Once you see a day and time slot that fits your schedule, click on that timeslot
  • Then choose a reason for your tutoring session from the dropdown list (Content or Writing)
  • In the Notes Section, type in what you want the tutor to help you with during the tutoring session
  • Click Save
  • A confirmation/reminder email will be sent to your Stan State email account
  • If you return to the Main Menu (upper left hand corner), your upcoming appointment(s) will be listed
  • To logoff, click Logoff in the upper left hand corner of the screen

Do You Have Questions? Contact us at…

Stan State Learning Commons
Phone: 209-667-3642 or 209-667-3465