Partner with the Learning Commons

Whether you are new to working with the Learning Commons or are one of the over 100 faculty who work with us each term, we look forward to partnering with you to advance student success.

Let’s meet about the learning challenges of students in your courses and how we might collaborate to reduce barriers to their success. We have a variety of in-class and outside-of-class learning support options available.


Faculty partners from every college


Courses supported in 2022-23


Student visits in 2022-23

What our current faculty partners are saying...

“I constantly encourage faculty to work with the learning commons, I've only had fabulous experiences with the SI leaders and tutors there.”

“SI and tutoring do seem to help students and build a more inclusive environment for more students in classes.”

“They hire hard-working, intelligent students. They work with these students to provide the best possible service to students in our courses.”

What our students are saying...


of students who used services said they gained academic strategies to help them meet learning outcomes for their courses


of students who used services said they gained confidence in their ability to succeed in their coursework

Updated: March 26, 2024