Supplemental Instruction (SI) Center Models

SI: With a focus on challenging lower division courses, learning support follows the curriculum of the course. Our model is aligned with International Center for Supplemental Instruction

Embedded SI: Peer educator led support inside the class along with curriculum focused support outside of class.

Tutoring Center Models

Assigned Tutoring: Peer tutors are assigned a specific course(s) to provide support outside of the class in the format of appointments and/or drop-in tutoring.  

Tutoring: Peer tutors create content based, collaborative learning environments guided by participant goals and questions.

Embedded Tutoring: Peer tutors are emersed in classroom learning activities while also providing tutoring outside of class.

Drop-In Tutoring:    Peer tutors are available by subject to support students who may drop-in for a quick question or stay for a longer duration to do their work with the support of tutor.   

Naraghi Commons Tutoring: In partnership with the ASPIRE Program and the College of Science, peer tutors offer drop-in tutoring for STEM courses.

Writing Center Models

Please visit the Writing Center website for more information about models that support undergraduate and graduate students.

Updated: March 26, 2024