Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend my online appointment?

To attend your online appointment or SI Session, you need to sign into StanTutor. On the main page at the top, you will see your "Upcoming Appointments" box. 15-minutes before the start time of your appointment, an icon of "an arrow pointing into a box" will appear. Click that box and it will take you to your tutor or SI leader's Zoom meeting room. View full step-by-step user guide.

Are tutoring appointments one-time or weekly recurring appointments?

We offer both 50-minute weekly recurring appointments and one-time appointments. Weekly recurring means you have a scheduled appointment at the same time, same day, every week! Students with tutoring appointments are required to attend their scheduled appointment each week unless the appointment is canceled in advance or falls on campus closed holidays. Both the Tutoring and Writing Centers default to one-time appointments and allow the option of recurring. For detailed instructions on how to book your appointment, check out our user guide

Why can I not select a tutoring appointment for tomorrow?

To book any 50-minute appointment, it needs to be done at least 48 hours in advance. If you need a specific day and time and it is too late to book your appointment this week, please go to the next week and book that day and time.

How do I know my appointment has been scheduled?

Once you save your appointment on StanTutor, both you and your tutor will receive a confirmation email. This email will have the confirmed day, time, location, subject, and tutor. You can also find your scheduled appointments listed in your "Upcoming Appointments" box on the main page of StanTutor.

How do I view scheduled appointments?

When you are logged into StanTutor, you will see a box on the welcome page titled "Upcoming Appointments" and this is where you can view all your upcoming appointments. 

upcoming appointments screenshot

How do I cancel an upcoming appointment?

Log into StanTutor and find the "Upcoming Appointments" box on the welcome page. Find the appointment you wish to cancel and select the grey X next to the appointment. Fill out the information requested on the pop-up menu and confirm cancellation. You can cancel up until the start time of your appointment. View our full User Guide.

upcoming appointments screenshot with arrow

How can I confirm my appointment has been canceled?

After you cancel your appointment a cancellation email will be sent to both you and your tutor. The canceled appointment will also be removed from your "Upcoming Appointments" list. 

Why do I already have appointments in my Upcoming Appointment box that I did not book?

The Learning Commons does provide some services that have auto-enrollment for specific classes. For example, if you are enrolled in a course that has a SI Leader, you will be automatically enrolled in the SI Sessions that are available for that course. Since attendance is optional for these types of sessions, you cannot cancel them. If you dropped the course, contact our office and we can remove you from the scheduled sessions. User guide on how to attend scheduled sessions

What does dropped status mean?

Our tutoring policy requires our students to cancel their appointments in advance of the start time. If you do not cancel, do not show up to your appointment, or have exceeded your cancellation limit, you will be considered dropped status. Unless you contact the Director for reinstatement, all of your tutoring appointments will be canceled and you will not be able to book future appointments. Tutoring Center policies.

Why was I dropped from tutoring this semester?

There are three reasons why you can be dropped from tutoring:
     1. Did not show up to a tutoring appointment 2 times.
     2. Cancelled or missed two consecutive appointments in a recurring series.
     3. Exceeded the 3 Student Cancellation limit. 

How can I be reinstated after being dropped from tutoring?

To request reinstatement you must contact the corresponding Director.

Content Tutoring Appointments

Erlynn Johnson
Learning Commons, Lead
(209) 667-3257

Writing Tutoring Appointments

Paula Barrington Schmidt
Writing Center, Director
(209) 667-3674

Why can I not schedule another tutoring appointment?

There are two reasons a student may not be able to schedule an additional appointment:

1. Students who have been dropped from tutoring cannot schedule additional tutoring until they are reinstated. Students in dropped status will see a notification in a pop-up window when searching availability. 

dropped status screenshot

2. Students are limited to four appointments per week for the same course. To request additional tutoring appointments for the same courses each week, please contact the Director.

For any additional questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Phone: (209) 667-3642

Updated: March 19, 2024