The Writing Program faculty and staff at Stanislaus State are committed to the success of our students and program. As a team, we rely on each other’s strengths and experiences, while sharing knowledge, ideas, and materials. On this site you will find useful information for in-class preparation.

Below you will find some digital alternatives to traditional classroom instruction.

  • Moodle - Useful in developing a community site for your students
  • Canvas - Adopted and used by Stanislaus State for online networking between students and faculty
  • WordPress - Designed as a blog site, but easily formatted for an online classroom community
  • Jing - Create a short film of your computer screenshot; easy to use for academic tutorials
  • Prezi - an online presentation tool for you and/or students, and a fun alternative to Powerpoint
  • Wix - A site that allows for easy, step-by-step website creation

Updated: August 09, 2023