About General Education

General education is fundamental to a university education.  General education develops foundational communicative, quantitative, and critical thinking skills.  It promotes an understanding of history and culture, fosters appreciation for the arts and humanities, and encourages a broad knowledge of social issues and scientific inquiry.  Attaining a general education means that students understand that all learning is connected and enriches all aspects of life: personal, civic, and professional.

Your general education requirements are determined by your catalog year. First-year students enrolling for the first time in fall 2023 or spring 2024, your catalog year is 2023-24.

View General Education Planning Sheet 2023-24

Stanislaus State changed to a new General Education pattern in 2021 adding a new graduation requirement. To honor the CSU GE pattern that you have followed as a transfer student, the university will assign you a GE catalog year. Transfer students enrolling at Stanislaus State for the first time Fall 2023-Spring 2024 will be assigned the 2023-24 major requirements. Both catalog years will be reflected on your Stan Degree Progress.

To view your catalog year, log in to MyStanState Student Center and go to your STAN Degree Progress Report. In the top portion of the report, your catalog term is listed under “Requirement (Catalog) Term”.

Transfer Catalog

Image key:

  • “Program” is GE Program.
  • “Plan” is major.
  • “Sub-Plan” is concentration.

If you have questions about your catalog rights and the impact on your major, please consult with your major advisor. ASC advisors can help with understanding GE and Graduation requirements outside the major.

Students may petition for waiver or substitution of certain university-wide academic requirements. Also, students may request a review of decisions affecting their academic status, or petition university deadlines. A petition form and instructions are available online. The petition form, as well as any supporting documentation, is necessary in order for the advisor to properly assist the student. A $10 processing fee via CashNet, will be charged.

Petitions within the Major Department

A request for waiver or substitution concerning a departmental major, minor, or other requirements should be directed to the appropriate department. No processing fee is charged.

General Education Substitutions

Transfers starting at Stanislaus State in fall 2023 or future terms may request a GE substitution. Approval from your advisor or department chair is required prior to submitting to Enrollment Services.

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Updated: July 11, 2023