First Gen Friday's Program

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What is First-Gen Friday's (FGF)?

FGFThe First-Gen Friday's workshop series, under the Academic Success Center,  is a collaborative effort to promote the visibility of Stanislaus State staff, faculty, and alumni leaders who were themselves, first-generation college students. First-gen Fridays will be the first Friday of every month during the academic year. The workshop series will include a variety of topics and activities such as: speakers, social interactions, and networking, etc.

First GenOur Purpose

The main purpose of this workshop series is to foster a sense of belonging that can boost the engagement, retention, and success rates among Stanislaus State First-Gen students.  

Note: For our program, a “first-generation college student” is identified as a student whose parent/guardian have not received a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree. 

First-Gen / [Furst-jen] / Adjective

See also: trailblazer, resilient, leader, determined

73% of Stan State students are First-Gen!You are the first in your family to attend a 4-year institution.  Your parents did not graduate from a 4-year institution.  You are still considered first-generation even if your siblings attended and graduated from a 4-year institution.
*Stanislaus State serves large numbers of first-generation college students, according to the CSU Analytics Office 73% of our Fall 2018 students are the first in their families to attend college.

First-Gen Obstacles

All students encounter diverse challenges when adjusting to college life. Stanislaus State is providing a First-Generation* specialized workshop series, First-Gen Fridays, which will be able to teach students the tools needed to overcome any obstacles they will face in college. 

The topics of discussion will focus on first-gen obstacles such as:

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Confidence Building

Confidence Building

Social Capital BuildingSocial Capital Building

Upcoming Events

Warrior Registration Workshop: Time to make a plan

Presentors: Jesus Jimenez & Lissett De La Cruz

Friday | October 22, 2021
11am-12pm & 1-2 pm | Zoom ID: 2096673660 | Zoom URL

Financial Wellness: Budgeting and Credit Management

Friday | November 5, 2021
1-2pm | Zoom ID: 2096673660 | Zoom URL

Basic Needs: Stay Informed!

Friday | November 19, 2021
11am-1pm | Zoom ID: 2096673660 | Zoom URL


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"First-generation students may be more dependent upon university faculty and staff to create opportunities for them to interact with their peers; therefore, programming created for first-generation students should intentionally build peer interaction into its activities. Indeed, perhaps through encouragement from the faculty, staff and/or peers conducting the structured activities, first-generation students may choose to interact more frequently with their peers on an informal basis."

(Inkelas, Daver, Vogt, & Leonard, 2006)


For more information contact Lissett De La Cruz at or (209)667-3660