Name Title Email Phone (209) Office/Map Office Hours
Boone, Linda MSCP Professor Email 664-6740 DBH 328C  
Breshears, Karen SSCP Instructor/Fieldwork Coordinator Email 664-6732 DBH 328F  
Dean, Dr. Heather SSCP Asst. Professor Email 667-3793 DBH 328H  
Desnoyer, Brittany ESCP Professor  Email 667-3447 DBH 326  
Devitt, Adam MSCP Professor  Email 667-3192 DBH 329  
Haapanen, Dr. Iris MSCP Bilingual Professor  Email 664-6817 DBH 336  
Liu, Dr. Kimy (Hsin C.) ESCP Assoc. Professor  Email 664-6743 DBH 328B  
McFarland, Dr. Jon SSCP Co-Coordinator /BCLAD Coordinator /SSCP Asst. Professor  Email 667-3197 DBH 328D  
Riddle, Dr. Derek SSCP Co-Coordinator /SSCP Asst. Professor Email 667-3510 DBH 328E  
Vang, Dr. Chris MSCP Professor  Email 667-3277 DBH 332  
Webster, Dr. Karen ESCP Coordinator and Asst. Professor Email 667-3267 DBH 328  
Weisenberg, Dr. Anne MSCP Coordinator and Professor Email 667-3474 DBH 331  
Won, Dr. Noelle Department Chair / MSCP Professor   Email 667-3600 667-3563 DBH 333 DBH 335