Dr. Derek R. Riddle received his doctorate degree in Teacher Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He has taught secondary English in rural settings in Idaho and in urban settings in Las Vegas, having taught in every secondary grade level 7-12 from remedial to advanced placement classes and dual-credit courses. He also served for a short time as an instructional coach. Dr. Riddle coached varsity level soccer and track, volunteered in the performing arts programs, served as a student council advisor, and participated in various school leadership teams throughout his K-12 career.

Dr. Riddle mainly teaches the foundations of secondary education, content area literacy, and general methods courses in the Single Subject Credential Program. His current research interests broadly span teacher education pedagogies and clinical experiences, teacher professional development and teacher leadership, educational policy regarding teacher recruitment and retention, and English Education. Dr. Riddle serves as an assessor and a remediator of the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) for the department while serving on various departmental and college-level committees. He also advises an English teacher professional learning community. His teaching philosophy centers on helping his students become change agents and teacher leaders through an active, critical pedagogy.

Message to Students: My number one mission and desire is to help you succeed. I have always had a student-centered philosophy. I am here to help you to prepare to become a qualified teacher who can meet the diverse needs of your students. A philosophy that has always stuck with me is that my life is like a shoe—meant to be worn out in the service of others. This is my personal mission at Stan State: to ensure that your life has been enriched during your time here.

Office Hours: May be subject to change based on teaching assignments -

Every Thursday from 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. by appointment only.

In-Person or Via Zoom

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Please email before you plan to attend in case there is a week when I need to cancel or have rescheduled my office hours.

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