Freshman & Sophomore

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Plan ahead! Your student should schedule time to meet with his or her guidance counselor to plan a strategy of courses that will meet college entrance requirements; meetings should occur throughout high school to ensure that your student is on the right track. Your student should be sure to include the following college preparatory courses in his or her plan:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of mathematics (including Algebra I and II and Geometry)
  • Two units of social sciences
  • Two units of science (with significant laboratory experience)
  • Two units of a foreign language (the same foreign or classical language through level II)
  • One unit of visual or performing arts
  • One unit of a college prep elective

Additional Course Options: Things to Think About

Advanced Placement Courses

If your student takes Advanced Placement courses in high school, takes the AP exams, and earns a score of 3 or higher, your student is eligible to receive credit for college courses.