Promise Scholars Program

Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our Mission

The mission of the Promise Scholars Program is to provide ambitious college-bound students from foster care situations access to the promise of a better future through post-secondary education. The Promise Scholars Program is committed to providing the avenue and support services needed for former foster youth to succeed in college and build a brighter future for themselves through higher education.

About Us

The Promise Scholars Program was officially launched in the fall of 2006 to address the need to provide individualized attention, access, and supportive resources to assist emancipated and current foster youth in achieving academic success in higher education. Our goal is to help every enrolled Promise Scholar graduate college and become well-informed citizens who are empowered to compete in a global society. The Promise Scholars Program has partnered with various on-campus services to provide a holistic approach to meeting the needs of foster youth in higher education. Stanislaus State is a proud partner in the Northern California University Foster Youth Consortium, which is dedicated to recruitment and to providing access to housing, financial aid, and academic guidance and support for eligible foster youth.