Project Rebound

Campus in fall season.

Welcome to Project Rebound

Project Rebound is a program that offers special services and a supportive environment to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Who can participate?

Students who were previously incarcerated are eligible and welcome to participate in Project Rebound. You must be currently enrolled at Stanislaus State or express interest when transfering to Stanislaus State.


  • An introduction and tour of the university
  • Academic advising
  • Enrollment
  • Mentoring
  • Internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Workshops


  • Advocacy
  • Peer support
  • Career and professional development opportunities


Program History


Program Founder, Dr. John Irwin founded the program as a way to matriculate people into higher education directly from the criminal justice system.

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We have partnered with various correctional facilities and community partners across San Joaquin and Stanislaus county to assist prospective students with the admissions and enrollment process.

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Project Rebound Program Coordinator, Danica Bravo.


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