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Dr. Heather Dunn Carlton

Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Wellbeing & Dean of Students

The Dean of Students serves as the best resource to connect students with relevant university programs, resources and services to help them succeed both in and outside the classroom. The Dean of Students also collaborates with the campus community on a regular basis, serving as an active member of the Associated Students, Incorporated Board of Directors and the President's designee to the University Student Center.

To schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students, please call (209) 667-3177.

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Basic Needs

Connect with resources that address hunger, food insecurity, and well-being.

Campus Cares Fund

Emergency funding intended to provide relief to qualified students.

Report Concerning Behaviors

Campus community members can report concerning or threatening behaviors online.

In addition to her role as the Dean of Students, Dr. Dunn Carlton also serves as the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Wellbeing, who oversees the functional operations of the following departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

Updated: September 01, 2023