Faculty and Staff have free access to download and install Camtasia and SnagIt for Windows and Mac.  This page provides an overview of how to acquire Camtasia and SnagIt and to begin using it.

Get Camtasia

Get SnagIt

After installing Camtasia or SnagIT, contact the Technology Support Desk for instructions on how to register your copy

Capture Your Content with Camtasia

There are several ways to create content in a Camtasia project depending on the source of the content

Scenario 1: Capture PowerPoint


  • Open PowerPoint and use the Camtasia add-in inside PowerPoint to configure the recording and launch the presentation.
  • Press ESC to stop recording and begin editing in Camtasia Studio (it will launch automatically)


  • Open Camtasia and launch Camtasia recorder. Configure for full-screen recording.
  • Open PowerPoint and begin the full-screen presentation, if desired (can always just record the raw PPT window)
  • Press CMD-TAB to switch back to Camtasia recorder and start recording
  • Press CMD-TAB again to return to PowerPoint presentation; Press ESC to stop recording

Scenario 2: Capture Screen Content

Windows & Mac:

  1. Open Camtasia and launch screen recorder, configure screen size, web cam, and microphone options.
  2. Press ESC to stop recording and begin editing

Scenario 3: Import Media Files

Windows & Mac:

  1. Choose File » Import » Media... and select the media file on your computer to import (video, audio, or image file types only). The media file will be added to the media bin in the Camtasia project.
  2. Drag the file from the media bin directly onto the project timeline or the preview area (it will simultaneously be placed on the timeline).

Camtasia: Edit the Content, Create a Quiz, Insert Captions

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Export the Content for Viewing

Camtasia offers several options to export your video for viewing. Click the "Export" button in the upper right to reveal the choices.


  • Direct connection to your existing Panopto account - video is deposited into your My Folder for use in Canvas.
  • Includes any captions, though Panopto will add autocaptions during the import
  • No markers or quizzes. Build your quiz using Panopto's quiz tool.

Option 2: Google Drive (personal storage)

  • Uploads MP4 video file to your Google Drive environment (no quizzes, table of contents, or captions)

Option 3: YouTube (requires personal YouTube account)

  • Uploads MP4 video file to your YouTube account (no quizzes, table of contents, or captions)

Option 4: Local file

  • Retains interactive quizzes, table of contents, and captions
  • Optionally, connect Camtasia quiz to Blackboard or Moodle gradebook
  • Creates a mini website of files that must be kept together and uploaded to Blackboard or Moodle

Make Content Available on Canvas

To make a Camtasia project available on Canvas, it should be exported using the "Panopto" choice.

Once the project is uploaded to Panopto, it can be added to Canvas like any other video.

Updated: October 24, 2023