The Human Resources, Equal Opportunity & Compliance (HREOC) office encourages cooperative and productive relationships with various unions on campus. The Employee & Labor Relations program includes providing leadership and support for collective bargaining, administering and supporting the implementation of negotiated contracts, processing grievances, interpreting labor agreements, and providing professional development for supervisors. The HREOC interprets and administers for its clients each of the staff collective bargaining agreements (except for agreements governing academic personnel in Units 3 and 11, which are administered by Faculty Affairs-MSR 340). HREOC also oversees the grievance procedure and, where applicable, the complaint procedures contained in the collective bargaining agreements in an effort to resolve matters quickly.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Grievance Process

A grievance is a complaint filed by the Union or an individual protected by the collective bargaining agreement (the union contract) alleging a violation of the agreement by the employer (the University). The grievance process aims to provide a mechanism for employees to have their complaints heard and addressed satisfactorily; to protect the rights of all interested parties – management, employee organizations, and employees; and to interpret provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. The specifics of the process vary depending on the collective bargaining agreement. Please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement or contact your union representative for more detailed information.

Union Representatives

*No campus representative at this time

Nicholas Webber Chapter President
Juliana Eylia Vice-President
Breanna McIntyre Records Officer
Amy Egan Organizing Chair
Megan Cordeiro Communications Chair
Kim Zamarripa Treasurer
Dawn McCulley Chief Steward
Denise Powell Unit 2 Representative 
Juan Esquilin Unit 5 Representative
Dawn McCulley Unit 7 Representative
Patrick Talbot Unit 9 Representative
Lori Barrows Steward
Robert Calhoun Steward
Alexander Countryman Steward
Julian Eyelia Steward
Jason Geer Steward
Dan Olivas Steward
Steven Sanchez Steward
Kylie Speckens Steward
Ricardo Talamantes Steward
Katherine Trent Steward
Nicholas Webber Steward
Roubina Yadegarian Steward
Zona Zaragoza Steward

Tammy Worthington Chief Steward
Lissett De La Cruz Steward
Cesar Ochoa Steward
Elizabeth Zafra Steward

Alexander Stockeland Chief Steward
Joe Lopez Representative
Robert Goucher Representative

Quenna Martinez SUPA Director
Jose Ramirez Alternative

Updated: June 14, 2024