Health Care


CalPERS Blue Shield Access + HMO 
Phone: (800) 334-5847

CalPERS Kaiser Permanente HMO
Phone: (800) 464-4000

CalPERS Anthem Blue Cross Traditional HMO and CalPERS Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO California 
Phone: (855) 839-4524

CalPers UnitedHealthcare Alliance HMO
Phone (877) 359-3714

PERSCare/PERSChoice/PERSSelect PPO (Anthem/Blue Cross)
Phone: (877) 737-7776

OptumRx - Phone (855) 505-8110

Insurance Enrollment


CSU offers two dental plans:

  1. a traditional fee-for service plan, Delta Dental PPO, that allows you to see almost any dental provider;
  2. or a dental HMO, DeltaCare USA, that offers a limited network of dentists.
    The monthly dental premium for you and your eligible dependents is 100% paid by CSU.

Delta Dental PPO:
Website (800) 765-6003 (Group #4018)

DeltaCare USA: (formerly PMI)
Website (800) 422-4234 (Group #2034)

CSU Dental Plan:

CSYou - Open Enrollment Information


Domestic Partners

Assembly Bill 26 (AB 26) was signed by Governor Davis and the CSU Board of Trustees adopted those provisions. Effective January 1, 2000, the CSU is extending health, dental and vision coverages to eligible employees who have the following registered domestic partnerships:

  • Specified same-sex domestic partnerships between persons who are both at least 18 years old.
  • Specified opposite sex domestic partnerships when one or both persons are over 62 years old.

Eligible employees must first register the domestic partnership with the Secretary of State:

Secretary of State
P. O. Box 944225
Sacramento, CA 94244-2250
(916) 653-4984

Once registered, employees must submit the following completed documents to the Human Resources Office:

  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership, available from the Secretary of State; and
  • Statement of Financial Liability for Domestic Partner Health Benefits, available on the forms rack outside the Human Resources Office; and
  • Statement of Financial Liability for Domestic Partner Dental and Vision Benefits, available on the forms rack outside the Human Resources Office.

Once the necessary documentation is received, the insurance enrollment forms will be completed. Children of registered domestic partnerships may also be enrolled in the insurance plans. The effective date of coverage will be on a prospective basis.

Health Care FAQs

How do I sign up for insurance or change my existing coverage?

Fill out the Benefits Information Worksheet and return to the Benefits Office MSR340. If you are a new employee or have recently become benefits-eligible, you have 60 days from your date of hire to sign up. You may change your existing coverage only during Open Enrollment (in fall each year) or if you have a qualifying life event.

How do I find out what medical or dental insurance I have?

Email Rose Jones.

Do I get insurance cards for medical?

Yes. You should receive your cards within two months of enrolling. If you haven't received them after this time, please contact your provider - Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, or United Healthcare.

Do I need a form to visit the doctor, dentist or eye doctor?

For doctor care, just bring your insurance card. For dental, just provide your social security number. For the eye doctor, optometrist, you will need the Vision Claim Form.

What pharmacy can I go to?

  • Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and United Healthcare - Any OptumRx participating pharmacy
  • Kaiser - Kaiser pharmacy

Can I mail order prescriptions?

Yes. Refer to your prescription provider's website for information.

What is FlexCash and how do I get it?

Employees who are eligible for medical/dental insurance can elect to waive CSU coverage in exchange for a cash payment ($128/monthly if you waive medical only, $12/monthly if you waive dental only and $140/monthly if you waive both medical and dental), if they have other non-CSU coverage. If they elect not to keep the CSU medical and/or dental coverage, you will be required to certify on the FlexCash Enrollment Authorization form that you have alternative non-CSU medical and/or dental coverage and provide proof of other non-CSU coverage. You are not eligible to participate if you are covered as the dependent of another CSU employee. The Flex Cash payment is treated as taxable income and is subject to payroll taxes. For detailed information, refer to the CSU FlexCash pamphlet.

Do I get insurance cards for dental?

No. When you visit a participating Delta Dental Dentist, you will just need to give them your social security number for identification. Visit Delta Dental website

Who is my vision care provider?

All benefits-eligible CSU employees have Vision Services Plan

Do I get insurance cards for vision?

For the eye doctor, optometrist, you will need the Vision Claim Form.

What do I need to take to the eye doctor?

For the eye doctor, optometrist, you will need the Vision Claim Form.

Do you have discount tickets for the various amusement parts and activities?

Visit the Tickets at Work website to see what tickets are available. They can be ordered online.