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Warrior Weekly

Share your events and announcements on Warrior Weekly.

  • Issued: Every Wednesday
  • Audience: All Students
  • Submission Deadline: Monday, 12 p.m.

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Website & Social Media

Share information, programs and services to students through website and social media.

For tips, tricks and tutorials:

To share your event on Warrior Weekly, start by creating a reservation on the 25Live reservation system. Once your event submission has been reviewed by the 25Live team, it can then be included on the University Events Calendar and Warrior Weekly.

Please note that events that are not entered on 25Live, will not be included in Warrior Weekly.

Visit the 25Live webpage

To submit an announcement on Warrior Weekly, complete an Announcement Submission Form. All submissions received by noon on Monday will be included starting with the Wednesday issue of that week.

For additional tips and information, please visit the Internal Communications webpage.

We encourage events in 25Live to be confirmed at least four weeks prior to the event date to allow sufficient time for the confirmation process.

The timeline is approximately one to two weeks for a confirmed event to be published to the University Events Calendar, StanEvents and Announcements & Warrior Weekly.


  • Proactively plan events and activities during winter or summer breaks.
  • Avoid last-minute requests.
  • Plan events at least 4 weeks in advance to allow adequate planning and advertising time.

  • Be sure to indicate that your event is online.
  • Indicate that your event is an activity under the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Select the option to have the event(s) publicized on the newsletter you require.
  • Provide a high resolution graphic or image that spotlights your event well.
  • Flyers are not accepted.
  • Refrain from uploading images containing text.
  • Images must be sized to a pixel size of 1500 pixels in width and 1000 pixels in height.
  • Portable Network Graphic (.PNG ) files are highly recommended.
  • You can add additional instructions at the bottom of the event submission form.
  • Once your event is submitted, your event will be reviewed by the 25Live team.
  • Once your event is approved, it will be sent to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to be included in Warrior Weekly.

One-off email requests are reserved for high-level communications that impact the campus community at-large. If you have a message that may meet this classification or to learn more, please contact Communications and Public Affairs at (209) 667-3916 or by email at:


Updated: August 10, 2023