Visual Brand Identity


To maintain alignment with the Stanislaus State brand identity, all units in Student Affairs must use their provided secondary identifier logos on all public-facing materials. This branding is provided by the Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing and will serve as the sole visual branding for each respective department and/or program.

Units exempt: Associated Students, Incorporated, Student Center and Athletics

University Shield. Stanislaus State


How to Display Logos

Each logo can be used in a variety of applications and context. Depending on the use, we have outlined several recommendations below.

  • This logo will be used on majority of digital and print applications.

  • This logo should be used on: official office documents, including memorandums, presentations, paper forms, printed posters, printed outreach flyers. 

  • This logo should be used on branded department apparel, including promotional giveaway items.

  • This logo features the campus name underneath to indicate it is from Stanislaus State.

  • This logo can be used at regional events hosted off-campus.

  • This logo is reserved for strictly internal use.

  • This logo can be used on internal presentations and suitable for use on social media.

  • This logo omits the university's name underneath the department name.


Creation of Logos

Departments are provided secondary identifier logos to visually align them to Stanislaus State's visual brand identity.

Departments utilizing unauthorized or customized logos that deviate from university branding will be asked to remove the logo from circulation.

Departments and programs are asked to refrain from creating a customized logo to replace their provided secondary identifier logo.

Logos can be created for your online or software platforms. Notable examples include: StanTutor and CareerReady U.

If your platform requires a visual such as an icon or logo, we recommend submitting a Design Request to Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing. This ensures the quality of the logo meets university guidelines. To get started, please submit a Design Request.

Submit a Design Request

Branded Apparel, Promotional Items, and Print

Branded apparel, promotional items, and print materials requested by a department, program or affinity group must be ordered through StanPrints to fulfill through university-approved vendors. All requests will have a design submission shared to the Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing for final approval.

Order all of your campus-branded stationery, posters, flyers, business cards and printed materials through the university's print shop, StanPrints!

Stan Prints | Call: (209) 667-3013

Updated: January 12, 2024