The following resources are tools your department can utilize to create content for a variety of applications.

Professional staff have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes access to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and more. Also visit the OIT Licensed Software Tools webpage to view additional licensed software.

Graphic Design Tools

Image of Graphic Design Tools


Adobe Creative Cloud

View the OIT webpage for information on how to setup your Adobe Creative Cloud account which grants users access to download Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

Adobe Express

A web-based graphic design resource that can be used to create visuals without specialized graphic design software. Available for use through your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Canva is a robust, web-based graphic design tool used to create visuals without the use of specialized software. Subscriptions to premium features are not provided by the Division.

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Authorization Form

If a project will involve any student participant(s) appearing on video, in a photo or on any web content, you are required to complete documentation for the project.

Please instruct your student participant(s) to submit the form below. These forms are routed to University Communications and Public Affairs.

Authorization Form

Graphic of Digital Image

Free Stock Photos

Utilizing the photographs, imagery, artwork and logos created by others, without their written permission is never allowed.

Please source images from open-domain, public-use photo library sites. See below for more information.

Free Stock Photo Sites

In addition to these sites, users with Canva Pro subscriptions also have access to additional stock photos. Canva Pro subscriptions are not provided by the University.

Image of Computer and iPhone

The Repost App by Kiryl Laba is a great tool to allows you to reshare the exact same post as another account. This app is very useful as it allows users to broadcast the same message. Can be used to reshare videos and images.

Repost App

SnapSeed is a great photo editing tool by Google and is used to edit photos captured on smartphones. It has features very similar to Photoshop.

SnapSeed App

Landscape by Sprout Social is a website that allows you to crop any image without any graphic design software. This tool is handy for quickly cropping images for social media and other projects.

Sprout Social 


Ever come across a font style that you really liked but didn't know the name of? The WhatTheFont app can be used to scan and identify the font style. When it doesn't find an exact match, it provides very similar styled fonts. This application also has a great website, which can also be used to find fonts.

WhatTheFont App

Link Sharing Resources

Ever wanted to create a one-stop page to house a list of bookmarks? These are what are referred to as "Link in bio tools". These are mini personalized sites that can live inside your social media profile's bio. These sites are very useful for social media because they can be used to send your audience to the direct source of information, such as, an event website.

This website allows you to display multiple links on one landing page. This is very useful to display on your social media profile bio. Basic membership is available for free with the ability to upgrade to a premium account. Premium subscriptions are not provided by the Division.


This website is very similar to LinkTree, however uses a different visual approach to displaying links. Links are displayed in a vertical design with mini thumbnails. Membership is free with ability to upgrade to a premium account. Premium subscriptions are not covered by the Division.


Video Captioning

Add Captions to your Videos! is a webware that allows you to reach a broader audience by adding captions to your videos. No software is required.  This is a helpful resource to caption videos for social media and YouTube.



Custom Fonts

Fonts are a visual element that can further elevate your designs. Custom fonts can be installed on your PC or MAC and can also be uploaded inside your Adobe Express and Canva Pro account.

Explore free fonts from Google on the Google Fonts webpage.

Google Fonts

Note: Fonts are installed at your own risk.

Updated: August 10, 2023