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In accordance with the California State University Student Fee Policy, the President shall establish a Campus Fee Advisory Committee comprised of student, faculty, staff, and administrative representatives to provide advice to the president. At Stan State, the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) provides this function. The purpose of the SFAC is to provide recommendations to the President and to serve as the mechanism to assure that appropriate and meaningful consultation occurs prior to adjusting any campus-based fee and before requesting that the chancellor establish a new Category II or Category III fee. The SFAC is advisory and does not set the fees. The President has the authority to adjust or implement fees or request that the Chancellor's Office implement a new fee.

The SFAC at Stanislaus  State consists of 11 voting members and one non-voting chair. Seven members are students appointed by Associated Students, Inc., one faculty representative is appointed by the Academic Senate, and four staff, including the chair are appointed by the President. The Chair does not vote except to cast the final vote in the case of a tie. The SFAC convenes approximately three-four times each academic year or as needed. A quorum consists of six committee members, a majority of which must be students.

Committee meetings are open to the public. The agenda for meetings of the SFAC will be posted to this site at least seven working days prior to any meeting.

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  • Dr. Christine Erickson – Chair, non-voting member, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Katherine Trent, Senior Budget Analyst, Student Affairs representative
  • Delfin Guillory, Student Financial Services Manager, Business and Finance representative
  • Lisa Butler, Academic Affairs Budget Manager, Academic Affairs representative
  • Jacob Weigel, Faculty, Art Department, designee for the Speaker of the Academic Senate

Student Members:

  • Destiny Suarez, President, Associated Students Inc.
  • JC Navarro, Vice President, Associated Students Inc.
  • Adela Gonzalez, ASI Vice President for Finance
  • Gianna Nunes, SC Vice Chair of Finance
  • Kelly Costa, SC Student Director
  • Jacob Brucker, ASI Director for College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Emma Pohl, ASI Director for Student Organizations

Committee Support:

  • Jennifer Humphrey, Assistant Vice President for Operations, Planning and Assessment for Student Affairs
  • Debra Stanard, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Request to Establish or Adjust a Campus Based Fee

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Updated: August 29, 2022