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Before Using Drupal

Drupal is a web content management system (CMS) for the University website. The entire system is web based and does not require any software purchases.


If you've completed these steps for a department and now need access to another department, please email us at webupdate@csustan.edu and let us know what department(s) you need access to. Otherwise, please be sure to complete all these steps:

Complete the OIT Security Request form. This form can only be completed while on campus on the University's network. Once the form loads, complete with your information accordingly and choose "CSU Stanislaus Website > Website Contributor" from the options.


Once the OIT Security Request has been approved, please use this form to sign up for a training session. Permissions will be assigned after the training is complete.


Be sure to have the most current Web browser installed. If you need assistance, please contact the Technology Support Desk (667-3687). The web team highly recommends using Chrome or Firefox, do not use Internet Explorer.