The Music Department is required to keep on file, all rosters, checklists and safety information for any field trip that is necessary for academic credit for three years from the trip date. 

Faculty trip coordinators are responsible for compliance with University regulations, understanding risks, ensuring all safety protocols are followed and providing the Department ASC with all required documentation. 

  • 2018-19 Events Debrief Presentation
  • Spring 2019 Event Manager Reminders
  • Faculty Task Lists - Subscribe to your list to push tasks to your calendar or bookmark your list to keep track of department deadlines. 
  • Event Management Overview
  • Event Manager Required Information List - This list includes all of the information required to submit the event details form.
  • Event Details Form - This form must be submitted according to the Event Management Timeline to initiate final planning and all required paperwork.
  • Contract Performer Itinerary Template
  • Campus Food Policy - All food to be distributed, sold, or given to individuals on the State State campus (University-sponsored and non-University sponsored), and off-campus Stan State events held within a 15-mile radius of campus, must be arranged for through Campus Dining.
  • Hospitality Quick Reference - Determine if your event is eligible for hospitality and if an approval form must be submitted in advance. 
  • Food & Beverage/Community Event Form - This form must be submitted prior to incurring an expense for hospitality, including dinners, gifts, bottled water or snacks.
  • Food & Beverage Procedure
  • Non-Travel Reimbursements - Faculty and staff can submit reimbursement requests through Concur. 
  • Volunteer ID Form - Any unpaid staff, students or community participants in events, must be pre-approved using this form. The faculty event manager should submit this form at least 5 business days prior to the event. If the volunteer will need a background check and protection of minors training, please submit 4-6 weeks prior to the event. This form is used for volunteer performers, students not being paid to support concerts, workshops, clinics or auditions, community members participating in ensembles. Once completed by the volunteer and faculty event manager, please submit to the Music Department office. 
  • Release of Liability Forms - All forms have been created and posted for the 2019-20 season. If you do not see your form here, please notify the ASC.
  • Facility Use Policy

The links below are live schedules of Department Events and task lists. You may subscribe to these feeds to push dates to your personal calendar. 

  • Faculty Task Lists - Subscribe to your list to push tasks to your calendar or bookmark your list to keep track of department deadlines. 
  • Season Calendar - A full listing of all Department concerts, recitals and festivals
  • Master Calendar - All Music Department, Campus and non-Campus events that impact scheduling, including academic dates. 
  • Third-Party Events - Events sponsored or hosted by the Department, but organized by a third party.

The University uses a travel management system called Concur, to process travel requests and reimbursements. Faculty should input Concur travel requests for all travel on university business, even if no expense is accrued, for insurance purposes.

All faculty must first input the travel details in the system for approval. No expenses may be incurred prior to approval. If faculty do not acquire the necessary approvals prior to incurring the expense, the reimbursement claim may be denied. 

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How to Request Office Supplies

The university orders all office supplies through Staples. You can email supply requests to the ASC, or fill out the online order request form:

How to Request a Desk Copy

Prior to the start of the new semester, send the textbook title, author, edition, ISBN and publisher details to the Department ASC. Please indicate the course number and section. The ASC will request desk copies on your behalf.

Student and Faculty Listservs

The Department maintains two listervs for official communication. Faculty may send pertinent announcements to these lists. The Department ASC maintains and moderates the list, and will approve all posts. Posts will be moderated Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm. Posts sent outside of these hours may not be approved until the following business day.

Updated: January 11, 2023