Summer Courses Available for Tutoring

  • Students can either sign up for a one-time or a weekly recurring appointment up to the start of the session time using StanTutor or they can drop-in for support during tutoring hours.  
  • Sessions are 25 minutes. 
  • Students can sign up for back-to-back sessions.  


BIOL 1010 Principles of Biology

BIOL 1050 General Biology I



CHEM 1100 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1110 General Chemistry II



MATH 1070 College Algebra

MATH 1071 College Algebra w/ Support I

MATH 1072 College Algebra w/ Support II

MATH 1080 Trigonometry

MATH 1410 Calculus I

MATH 1420 Calculus II

MATH 1500 Finite Mathematics

MATH 1551 Finite Math and Bu. Stats I

MATH 1552 Finite Math and Bu. Stats II

MATH 1553 Finite Math and Bu. Stats III

MATH 1600 Statistics

MATH 1601 Statistics with Support I

MATH 1602 Statistics with Support II

MATH 1610 Statistics for Decision Making

MATH 1620 Probability and Statistics

MATH 2300 Discrete Structures

MATH 2410 Multivariate Calculus

MATH 2460 Intro to Differential Equation

Updated: July 19, 2024