Tutoring Policies


Tutoring appointments are 50-minutes long and can be booked up to 48 hours in advance. Appointments can be one-time or weekly recurring sessions for the entire semester. We limit 2 appointments with the same tutor for the same subject per day and a total 4 appointments per week. 


Students can cancel up to 3 tutoring appointments each semester.
On the 3rd cancelled appointment, the student will be considered DROPPED and can no longer book additional tutoring sessions. 

No Show 

Students who do not cancel before the start time of their appointment, or who do not show up for their appointment are marked as No Show status. Students are allowed a grace period of 1 no show appointment. If they no show a 2nd time, they will be dropped from any weekly recurring tutoring appointments (if it was done consecutively in the same series) and are blocked from booking any appointment for the remainder of the semester.

Dropped Status 

Student who are dropped from tutoring cannot book additional appointments until a request for reinstatement has been approved. This does not affect their status towards the Writing Center or Supplemental Instruction enrollment. 


Students who have been dropped from tutoring can contact our office at learningcommons@csustan.edu to request a Reinstatement and resume booking tutoring appointments. Reinstatements within 48 hours result in keeping their original appointments. After the 48 hour window, all appointments are removed and the student will need to reschedule appointments with available tutors.


The Learning Commons will not release student information such as name, phone number, or address to anyone except the student's tutor. Matters discussed in tutoring sessions are to remain between the peer tutor and student.

For questions about our policies, please contact us at learningcommons@csustan.edu

Updated: February 09, 2023